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Carry on Camping (it up) November 24, 2005

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Still flush from my success with the polari post, I’ve been having the odd (unboozey) reminisce about Kenneth Williams, whom I was rather a late convert to. David Benson did an utterly fantabulosa – OK, I’ll calm down now – one-man show, “Think No Evil of Us – My Life with Kenneth Williams,” which I saw three times in a matter of weeks back in 1998 and which he still performs every now and again. It’s totally gripping. He’s brilliant and the subject matter – Kenneth Williams – is brilliant, so he couldn’t really go wrong. Keep an eye out for it and go. (Can’t remember if Julian and Sandy make that many appearances.) My boyfriend of the time sent David Benson his first (and only ever, to my knowledge) fan letter, which he promptly got a hilarious and friendly answer to. As the show rightly concludes, poor old Kenneth. He must really never have known how much joy he brought to millions. Yet without his misery, we would, no doubt, never have had the comedy. So for that we must be grateful.



1. Mark Holland - November 24, 2005

Here, no stop messin about, listen, BBC plans Kenneth Williams drama

Actor Michael Sheen will play the troubled star in the 80-minute drama based on Williams’ own diaries.

Presumably Round the Horne Revisted won’t be heading out to your neck o’ the wald. Ein bissen schade.

We saw it last year in and it was bona fabulosa dearie.

2. Broke in Berlin - November 24, 2005

Mark, thank you galore for this valuable info. I am sending it on to every old queen I know – a grand total of one – and they will be majorly chuffed.

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