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Quick! Someone lend me a whistle and crop-top! July 15, 2006

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Actually, no time to blog PROPER rubbish today, so just a couple more France Gall and youtube moments. (God it’s hard to resist the youtube temptation, nicht wahr?)

I have to admit I’m struggling to believe, innocent or not, that old Francey didn’t have a hint of an inkling of a smidgen of an idea that this song didn’t have just the tiniest double entendre. Then there’s Alizée’s not-that-good version of, “Ella, elle l’a,” but, gosh, isn’t Alizée a babe? She almost makes me want to be heterosexual. Although I don’t know if it’s the design of the bikini in this snap of her or just my inexperience in the breast department, but her glands look a little picassoesquely far apart to me.

Anyway, to make sure Alizée doesn’t turn me into a red-blooded hetero any time soon, there’s the first of Berlin’s two Gay Prides today, so I’ll probably go and blow my whistle, shout, “We’re here, we’re queer, we’re not going shopping,” leer at the policemen and stock up on gay genes for the winter. This Gay Pride mark I – ‘cos you need two, and two weekends running – coincides with the Love Parade, which I’ve never seen, and I might go and have a peek at that, although I’m already having flashbacks to the Goa float at the Carnival of Cultures, with seven 17-year-olds dancing behind a lorry with someone blowing bubbles through a bubble-machine. Not majorly impressed.

Gay Pride isn’t actually called Gay Pride here. Today’s thing is the Stadtfest. Next week’s is CSD (Christopher Street Day). And why not, for the word pride has surely had its day. And I can’t say I’m actually “proud” to be gay. But then I suppose Gay Don’t-Really-Care or Gay Most-of-the-Time-I-Forget hasn’t got the same ring. Then again, the word pride had its uses in the old days. I remember once going to purchase jeans with my first boyfriend in Leamington Spa, or perhaps Warwick, when we were at the gooily, can’t-not-touch-each-other-for-more-than-half-a-second, in-love stage. Our jeans vendor was a friendly queen who enjoyed engaging with a pair of poofs in love. Once the transaction was done, with much help from the aforementioned employee, he bade us farewell and hollered a valedictory, “Wear them with pride!” If we’d had even the shadow of a doubt that he might not be a friend of Dorothy, we didn’t now…


1. Bowleserised - July 15, 2006

I love the Sucettes! If you are genuinely worried about “turning” I can recommend spending a weekend reading pregnancy guides, which I am having to do for the purposes of work (kind of a super-hetero anti-Love Parade thing). That’ll put you off. Also, watching the film that I’m going to blog tomorrow…

2. Neil @ In Actual Fact - July 15, 2006

Not just looking at Alizée videos as random France Gall links, but then searching for pics of her in swimming costumes, commenting upon her breasts and, indeed, using the term “babe”? That’s not just borderline danger of switching sides – that’s well over halfway through the process. I hope the Russian doesn’t check your Internet History log.

3. BiB - July 16, 2006

B., I think the Sucettes would have been even better in colour, but tant pis. Poor old Francey. Her lolly-sucking colleagues didn’t seem to be in on the innocence thing, though. The one with long dark hair seems to be loving every second. Actually, it all reminds me of one cinema ice-cream ad where fellatio is performed on the confection. I saw that one in France too. Those raunchy Frenchies, eh?

Actually, my sister is preggers and every e-mail now describes vomiting or feeling unwell. But if I do ever turn, won’t I get away with only having to watch/listen to the mother-to-be suffer, rather than suffer myself? What do hetero men do at times like those? Turn the TV up?

Neil, I promise I only stumbled across that pic because I wasn’t sure how to spell her name and when you google her, the images come up straight away. (Google thinking, “Why bother with the non-visual links! We know what they’re coming here for,” no doubt.)

I think everyone must find her beautiful, mustn’t they? She is simply a beautiful creature. She must even make hot-blooded hetero females want to be lesbian at least for a second, oder?

4. daggi - August 1, 2006

Were jeans “gay” in those days? Or only in combination with a “jean jacket”? Hang on, that would mean that in the mid-80s most of Basildon would have been queer. Unlikely.

5. BiB - August 1, 2006

The ex and I were (and still are) very unprofessional queens. Many of the other shoppers in the establishment may even have been batting for the other side.

6. Herzlich Willkommen - November 1, 2011

I don’t care how not-that-good Alizée’s version is – it’s certainly a video worth thinking of now the ling cold winter nights are drawing in…..

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