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More on atheist morality September 11, 2004

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My god – ho ho – these non-atheist moralising types are driving me mad. When will it be understood that atheists can be completely moral too, and, on the other side of the coin, that believers can be completely amoral? In this week’s Spectator (www.spectator.co.uk), a liberal vicar is spouting on about where does the ‘should’ come in in morality if not for god? But why should there be a should? I know I may be contradicting myself slightly in what I said last time on the subject, in the why-should-I-bother-being-moral? sense. But the arrogance of those telling me that I can’t be moral without god has made me worry less.

Believers, good for you. I envy you even, on occasion, your faith. But a lack of belief does not equal a lack of morality, or a lack of goodness. Goodness is cultural, and pragmatic. Nature is not inherently good. Children are not less ‘wicked’ than adults.


Still waiting September 11, 2004

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…and while I’m here again, for the first time in some months, I wonder if my interest in this medium will be rekindled. I’m still waiting for that magic first feedback. That would be a reward, and a boon, and an encouragement.

If, as seems to be the case in blogdom, I need to write on things, rather than being vainly introspective, let me say a word or two on Beslan. Yes, an utter bloody tragedy. Yes, no sympathy whatsoever for the ghastly riff-raff who took the building hostage, with its gaggle of innocents inside. But when will Russia open its eyes? When will Putin grow up? How long will he be allowed to get away with his utterly hopeless Chechnya policy by pretending that this is part of a global war on terr(o)r? How depressing for Russia, when Russia seemed vaguely to be on the right path. The free press gone, the opposition gone, and all replaced by heavy-handed Soviet tactics and a climate of ignorance, indifference and deference.

And as for Russia’s even ghastlier dwarf twin next door… Pass me the anti-depressants. If Lukashenka wins this constitution-crushing referendum to extend his rule more or less indefinitely – as he will, as it will be rigged and the voters are dim – then Belarus is doomed once more. What a tragedy. How Mr. Lukashenka misunderstands the world. It reminds one of a drug-addict who you know is making the most blatantly self-destructive decisions, and yet he makes them anyway. And how backward-looking. How fatal to idolise the morass of greyness that was the Soviet Union.

Жыве Беларусь!