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…for writing’s sake July 17, 2005

Posted by BiB in Uncategorized.

Yes, this is a politeness entry, for the sake of not letting this blog become utterly defunct. But anyway, it’s fun to write something on a day like this, a lovely lazy Sunday afternoon with a bit of work to do but not so much that I have to worry about it, happily hungover from having had enough money for the first time in ages to go out yesterday and have a beer and a celebratory pack of fags without having to worry I’ll starve to death within a week and everything fine and dandy.

The biggest blog news in town – well, my town, anyway, and New York city, no doubt – is that Pavlik has been linked to by Andrew Sullivan for writing a deliciously philosophical entry on how his Weltanschauung is shifting and why that might be. Very interesting stuff, and beautifully written, as ever. Keep it political/philosophical, Pavlik. It’s where you’re at your best. Anyway, apart from that being interesting from a personal point of view, i.e. seeing Pavlik’s metamorphosis happen before our very eyes, it is also nice from a ‘justice’ point of view. Good old Pavvers, slogging away religiously with his blog, and he must sometimes have thought, ‘Hmm, what is this all for?’ so hurrah that his efforts have been rewarded purely thanks to his talent. And what an encouraging logic too – have the talent, make the effort, and you will be rewarded. Good for him!