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Excitement makes you poor April 3, 2007

Posted by BiB in Uncategorized.

…or is bad for you.

So I recommend drug- or alcohol-induced torpor, guaranteeing an eventless but pecunious life.

And it’s bloggers wot’s to blame.

Life is currently a string of excitement-rousing blog-meets. In fact, my Berlin social life is now riddled with bloggers. If I’m not meeting a blogger here, then it’s another blogger there. If it weren’t for the odd poof and the Russian’s post-Soviet connections, I’d hardly know a single person who doesn’t see fit to self-publicise online.

And thank fuck for that. Because I think we’re all fab.

So, on Friday, I met blogger and all-round good egg Daggi and her pal HRH for a concert. Daggi had public-spiritedly noticed that Marko Haavisto was playing in Berlin, and, knowing my love for all things Finnish, gave me the tip. And I public-spiritedly recommended she join me at it. Which she did.

But, darlings, I can’t tell you a single thing about the concert because I was puking from excitement at meeting a new blogger. Mr. Haavisto may be a mega-star in Finland – Taiga, can you confirm? – and may well have written songs that have been deemed suitably mournful to appear in Kaurismäki films and may well have said entertaining things as intros to his songs along the lines of, “This one is about when you look in the mirror and just hate yourself so much…” but that was before Daggi and HRH arrived and I didn’t pay a single, solitary second of attention to the music after that and grilled the newly-met bloggers for the rest of the evening to see if they were from nice families and would make suitable spouses for my children.

And they do. Phew!

But why would that make you poor?

Because, in my excitement, I, at an unrecorded (unfortunately) point in the evening’s proceedings, must have worked myself into such a frenzy that I hurled my passport away. Clean away. And retracing my steps with a magnifying glass, even if I do possess a pair of Sherlock Holmes trousers, and contacting every lost-&-found office in Berlin, and Her Britannic Majesty’s Embassy, and the establishment where Mr. Haavisto crooned, has left the trail cold.

So I am now sans papiers.

Now, casting all caution to the wind, as I had done with my passport not long before, I decided to risk losing everything and go to one of RFM‘s booze-ups yesterday. That was crawling with bloggers. Like flies they were. If it wasn’t this lovely gent here, then it was that lovely gent there. If it wasn’t one lovely lady here, then, stone the crows but there was only another lovely lady there. If it wasn’t one Chinese-speaker here, then fuck me with a big stick but there was another Chinese-speaker there. And there was even a new (to me) blogger for good measure.

I was so excited I lost all my clothes AND my left arm.

Having said my hellos and asked folk how they were, I ranted about the cost of bureaucracy. I drank some Dutch-courage-giving absinthe, stood on the table, and shouted at each and every one of them, “You’re to blame! You and your bloody excitement-rousing. If it weren’t for you lot, I wouldn’t have thrown away my passport in an unrecorded (unfortunately) moment of excitement. And it’s going to cost me 300 euros – yes, 300 euros! – to replace my passport so that Her Britannic Majesty can get me into places without let or hindrance.”

Turns out I was lying. It’s 200 euros. But still. 200 effing euros. For the sake of no let or hindrance! (And, with the new, improved tariffs, should I ever want to invite the Russian to visit our fair Kingdom ever again, he will now pay 300 euros for an entry visa!) Someone is so raking it in.

But that wasn’t all the excitement. Having put my clothes back on – still can’t find my arm, though – and sitting sobbing quietly in a remote corner, I kept an eye on the door just in case there’d be a drop of INTERNATIONAL blog-meeting. Oh yes. International. Because Slammers is in town. Luckily, she couldn’t make it yesterday, though, as otherwise the evening might have cost me an arm and a leg. Boom boom.

Still, we’re meeting this evening. I don’t even want to think of the consequences.



1. 100 Words - April 3, 2007

Meeting bloggers is something I’m yet to do. I don’t know any, except the ones I knew already, which doesn’t really count

2. bowleserised - April 3, 2007

I’ll be whizzing round on the Telespargel, losing my lunch. GSE is over soon, no? It’s all kicking off on Spinny’s blog today, I notice. Spinny is brave, she writes like there’s no such thing as Stat Counter’s “Came From” facility.

3. Daggi - April 3, 2007

Mr. Haavisto may be a mega-star in Finland

The Tagesspiegel’s rather kind review suggests he isn’t, based on the length of his Finish Wikipedia entry (about 6 lines). I was hoping to write a green-inked letter to the editor, pointing out that “Madonna’s entry only has 8 and a half lines, and Kylie’s has 7, and Status Quo have just one measly sentence”, but unfortunately Madonna and Kylie had quite a lot of Finnish info. I didn’t look at Status Quo’s entry.

You know your new passport will have your fingerprints (or is it just your iris) and a chip and all that malarkey (will you have to travel to Düsseldorf to get them done?), unless you get it in Iceland (or probably anywhere apart from Germany or Britain), where the British Embassy isn’t that advanced yet. I once lost my passport at Alexanderplatz and got a huge number of forms to fill in. And then I found it in my bag after all.

4. MountPenguin - April 3, 2007

I read in the paper today that Germans who agree to try out the new anti-terrorist pro-democracy passport – which costs a bargain €59 – get €54 of that refunded. I am now considering inviting various governments to take part in a bidding process for the fulfillment of my next passport order.

For the record I would like to point out I do not actually speak Chinese, except at a “your hovercraft is full of eels” level.

5. pleite - April 3, 2007

Penguin, good idea. This passport-losing has come at an awfully bad time, not that any time is THAT great for losing your passport. I’d hoped to surprise pals in Copenhagen by turning up at their party in three weekends’ time. Doubt I’ll manage it now. Allegedly, I DON’T need to report this to the police, as it’s a straightforward loss, but I presume there are 90 Amts I’ll have to inform of my new details at some point or other. Oj veeeeeeeeeeej.

Daggi, you didn’t happen to notice me hurling my passport away at any point, did you? But you’d probably have told me at the time, I’m guessing. Damn my new jacket with holey pockets… No, I think I can do it all by post. I need to go and get some biometric photos done, and then signed by an upstanding Briton. Who’s the most upstanding of you all here? I might ask Slaminsky to sign them this evening, to make sure there’s a nice bloggerly angle to my new document.

B., I dashed over to see. And the person reacted in quite a good-sport way… To make sure this evening is also as bloggerly as possible, I think I’ll suggest we booze in that Bötzow-place, where I first went with you and the good RFM (and Teuteronomy, but he’s such a naughty blogger). I really can’t booze two days running. Well, I can, but I shouldn’t. I feel as ROUGH AS HELL after my 3 Weissbiers yesterday.

Now, 100, where in the world are you, if that’s not a secret? I can’t tell from your blog. I know that those London blogging types get together every now and then. I fantasise about turning up at one of those events one day. But if you are located near some other bloggers, I’d give it a twirl. My experience has been good. And you’ve all instantly got something in common, and know something about each other already. Living here it’s been a lifeline, I must say.

6. Daggi - April 3, 2007

You can get a US citizen to sign it for you as well, if I remember rightly. And last time I needed to get another travel document, shortly before Christmas, due to the old one falling to bits due to much unnecessary carrying-it-around-in-my-back-pocket-ness, and the photo making me look about 12 (I think I was 14 in it, wearing a rather ridiculous/fetching, depending on the mood/eyesight, pink/white batiked shirt and obviously cut-by-myself-hair), ahm, yes, the last time around, shortly before Christmas, it took Düsseldorf about 3 days. And that was when you had to send a cheque (and persuade a friend to pop down to the Sparkasse to get some cheques printed).

You didn’t show us your passport, unfortunately, as looking at passport photos is one of my favourite pasttimes. I’m secretly training to become one of those fat, moustachioed Bundesgrenzschutztypen. I can snarl and tut already, and that’s just after three 45-minute lessons. You could ask that nice Buster Bloodvessel-lookalike if he can search through the Garderobe for you, he’s name is Jorma, and can be contacted via http://www.suomi-rocks.de/91ef1198540ec051d/91ef1198540eef928/l000.jpg
I’m sure he’s very friendly really. And I think the 80s cover band (doing Finnish versions of top hits) Kuusimäki at Kaffee Burger on June 8th will be entertaining. http://www.kuusimaki.com/news.htm

7. pleite - April 3, 2007

Daggi, see how public-spirited you are! I contacted the Festsaal straight away and received the quickest answer to an e-mail ever, saying nothing had been found. Alas. The Embassy hasn’t answered. I’m already having wicked thoughts about Germans and why it hasn’t been handed in by some equally public-spirited Berliner. But it could have fallen down a drain, I suppose. Fucking annoying. The only blessing-in-disguise moment is that mine was also falling apart for PRECISELY the same reason yours was and I’d been told by one UK official that I’d need it replaced before its 2009 expiry date anyway. So I’ve only lost 2 years’ worth of passportitude. It served me well in its eight-year tenure. The Russians only get five years out of theirs. I’ve got a feeling Moldovan passports only used to be valid for 2… But three days. That IS good news. Maybe I will go to the ball after all.

8. bowleserised - April 3, 2007

What are you talking about? I have never had you up the Boetzoew. Where do you mean?

9. Daggi - April 3, 2007

“Up the Bötzow and Round The Castle”. Bötzow-Privat, the last “genuine” Eckkneipe in the Rosenthaler Vorstadt, which after closing as the 105-year-old landlady couldn’t be bothered any more, re-opened a few months later in almost the same state as beforehand, but, surprise, became quickly terribly fashionable as the previous clientele had all moved to Detta’s Dart Bar round the corner on the Torstraße meaning laptop users could enter without fear of abuse.

That Bötzow, I presume? Around the Linienstraße/Sophienstraße/ that neck of the woods.

10. Appy Linguist - April 4, 2007

I’m utterly confused, and now – while drunk – is the time to ask: Daggi… are you a man or a woman?

(It’s probably obvious to all others, but maybe I’m a bit dense…)

11. narrowback - April 4, 2007

while in the the state of drunkeness is always the time to ask

12. Taiga the Fox - April 4, 2007

Happened yesterday: The whole Fox family has been tremendously ill for a week or so. Still, I manage to read some bits of some blogs.
Me: Mr Fox, do you know any band called Marko Haavisto and Poutahaukat?
Mr Fox: Isn’t he from norhern Sweden or something?

Erm. He might be a mega-star in Finland, or not. I have no bloody idea.

13. daggs (the public school version of dagmar) - April 4, 2007

Incidentally, if you (like me) can’t stand this “Snap” business, and not just because it makes accessing any link quite overly-awkward, use Opera. No Cult of Snap anywhere to be seen.

14. MountPenguin - April 4, 2007

Or if you want a “works with any browser” solution, open up the “hosts” file on your computer and add the line spa.snap.com

at the bottom.

In Windows (at least XP), the “hosts” file lives at:

For Mac OS X / Linux etc:

(Fiddle with these files at your own risk).

15. Appy Linguist - April 4, 2007

Daggi: Now I know – thought there was a red herring in there!

BiB: If I’d been here you could have added an international aspect to a Cope-‘n’-hay-gun blog meet. Well, you still can, but I’ll miss it, as I’ll be daahn saarf in Chairman-knee!

Narrowback: Indeed, drunkenness is a wonderful state to ask questions – and to make big decisions. Only last December, drunk some time after Christmas, did I decide – while pissed out of my mind in a bar – that I should stop work and move cities as soon as possible… and so I did!

16. Ed Ward - April 4, 2007

Ah, so *that’s* where that arm came from! I found it in my jacket.

It’s in the freezer, so come by and get it. Mind you, if Brangelina pop by and I’m at loss for a roast…

17. pleite - April 4, 2007

Ed, thank you, but I must get round to inviting YOU here. We’ll have to whisper after 8, of course, but we could play charades or something and make sure not to express our enthusiasm too loudly.

Appy, good for you. When is the big move? It’s a ballsy thing to do. I can’t imagine moving ever again. Our last move was round the corner, and that gave me 40 nervous breakdowns. You are made of sterner stuff!

Penguin, too scary to contemplate. I shall remain prey to snap’s caprices. Sometimes I master them, sometimes I don’t.

Daggi, I had Opera for ten seconds but then deleted it when I decided Firefox was my new browser-squeeze and deleted everything else on the computer, practically, to stop it from working even more slowly and wheezily than it does now.

Taiga, gute Besserung! I’d been hoping Lordi and that Saaristo woman might put in surprise guest appearances but did they buggery!

Narrowback, I need to go on a six-year sobriety drive. I’m fast heading for the Betty Ford clinic. I’m bored, bored, bored of booze and feeling as rough as a dog. I like it too, of course, but my body’s not much good at it, I have to say.

B., that’s the one, the one Daggi’s referring to. We went there between Christmas and New Year. I’ve been back a few times since, as there always seem to be people there. Having wandered through utterly deserted streets with Slaminsky – who is an UTTER angel – last night, the bar was, thankfully, heaving.

18. narrowback - April 4, 2007

BiB, if you find a clinic that does both booze and tobacco would you be so kind so as to let me know? After the Berlin trip followed by over a week of get-togethers in bars to describe said trip I’m in severe need of a dry-out and lung transplant.

19. pleite - April 4, 2007

Narrowback, I’ll get straight onto you! I want a personality transplant at the moment. I’ve been googling like mad all evening.

20. Chris - April 5, 2007

I’m not sure I’d like to *meet* other bloggers… I quite like the air of mystery that surrounds the whole thing.

I am an unadventurous person.

21. bowleserised - April 5, 2007

Why have I blanked out that entire evening? I have absolutely no recollection. I thought we were in Pasternaks… But that was outdoors. Eh? Was I drunk?

22. pleite - April 5, 2007

Chris, hello there! Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable… No, not that one. That’s Great-Aunt Ethel’s special chair… Yes, that one. Good. Um, I’d say go for it, if you’ve got any within-striking-distance bloggers that you’ve made a sort of connection with. It’s fun. And as the wonderful Slammers – referred to in the post – and I were saying when we did meet for the first time the other night, it wasn’t shy-making or embarrassing because you already have something in common and know something about each other. So it’s fun, fun, fun. I was slightly pouring in cold sweat the first time I did meet bloggers – Bowleserised and RFM (also referred to above) – but it was a boiling hot day during the World Cup so hopefully they didn’t notice it was nerves. Anyway, that passed after five seconds. But it depends on your sitch too, of course. Here, it’s also been an easy way to meet other English-speakers for when you have native-tongue-missing pangs. Horses for courses, but if the opportunity arises, I’d say go for it. Now I’ll have to grill Welsherella and see if she’s ever taken the plunge. And I wonder if your Juliet has ever taken the plunge abroad…

B., let me set the scene. December 29th or 30th. Christmas done. New Year on the horizon. You and RFM dressed up to the nines – no, the tens, even – on your way to a Bohème Sauvage bash. We met at Bötzow-thingy. Teuteronomy was there. As was his colleague and her boyfriend, whom I slightly can’t help fancying, even though fancying heterosexual men is forbidden in my Little Book of Life-Enhancing Rules. But he’s beefy, and I can’t resist beef. (Unless very undercooked, which I know makes me a chav, but I hate it when it’s dripping in blood.) You were drugged up to the eyeballs on antibiotics, actually, which may have made the evening a haze. We sat in the far corner. A gaggle of Scottish folk came and sat at our table, politely asking in Deutsch if they can join us, and then felt tricked when we jabbered away auf Englisch. Can’t remember what the bill was…

23. bowleserised - April 5, 2007

OH THAT. I remember. That was nice! I must go back there with all of you.

24. pleite - April 6, 2007

It’s fast becoming my blogger pub. I’m thinking of suggesting it to GSE for her free time whilst here (see her latest post). Will work out where she’s staying and if it suits.

25. annie - April 6, 2007

It was FABULOUS. Thank you for taking us there. I love Berlin, and I love you, dear BiB (in a non-scary platonic way.) Sorry for not saying so before, have been a bit unwell and been sleeping a lot since I got back… hope your passport gets sorted and you can come over and visit soooon…

26. Chris - April 6, 2007

Your comment reply shows commendable subtlety and finesse, for which I commend you.

I nearly got to meet a Pomgirl, but she piked on me at the last minute… I will forgive her of course, but you know, it stung a little. But really that was me sitting at home in a (non-special) chair and making someone else do all the work (i.e. coming halfway across the world), so I guess I should embrace the *concept* a bit more, as well as the banality.

As you allude, however, having a Juliet abroad does mean my travel budget is already stretched. Sadly I already knew le Welsh, or I would have enjoyed meeting her!

Anyway, always a pleasure (never a chore).

27. Beaman - April 8, 2007

Happy Easter Mr BiB! If you’re anything like me you will have eaten all your chocs by….well, Good Friday, but enjoy the day!

28. miss-cellany - April 9, 2007

Hello bib, there is a message for you over there, but if you see this first, Taiga’s story can be found at http://www.bloc-online.com :)

29. pleite - April 9, 2007

Hello miss-cellany, and thank you! I’ll get over there and read Taiga’s words as soon as I finish the latest piece of work I’ve been ignoring for a gazillion years.

Beaman, I heroically avoided the choc until yesterday. Orthodox Easter coincided with ‘our’ Easter this year, so I should have been painting eggs really and doing all sorts of Slavic things. We DID go to the Orthodox church on Hohenzollerndamm as the Easter service is so splendidly wonderfully heavenlily marvellous. At midnight, the gorgeously-frocked clergy leave the church and walk round it once, no doubt blessing things here and there as they go, and the flock goes out with them, and then there’s a bit more praying and singing but the amazing thing was that they made Berlin smell of incense. Not inside the church. Outside. Bearing in mind that Hohenzollerndamm is as interesting as Willesden High Road, I found this exotic.

Chris, meet out, meet out. It takes the pressure off as well. Home-entertaining is agony. Well, it’s not, but away-entertaining is easier. Keep an eye out for Central England blog-meets and whizz along to one. I’m sure Welsherella will agree to public-spiritedly go along.

Annie, I hope you’re feeling a billion times better. I can’t tell you what heaven it was to meet you. I told Bowleserised that you are a restoring-faith-in-humanity person to meet. I adored every second. It was easy, fun and interesting. Come and stay again for ever but, as B. warned you, you might end up getting stuck here.

30. Marsha Klein - April 10, 2007

Oh dear, bad luck about the passport. Mr K lost his once, on a day trip to Paris, while we were camping in France. so most of our sight-seeing that day involved the interior of the British consulate. Passports are horrendously expensive things to replace these days (in UK anyway). We’re just about to take the plunge and renew my passport AND get passports for the girls (who haven’t had their own prior to this due to still being on ours). This exercise will set us back £150!

I am sooo jealous of all these blogmeets! For God’s sake people, get yourselves over to Edinburgh! Come during the Festival – it’s great!!

31. pleite - April 10, 2007

Marsha, hello! Hope your Easter has been fun. Was it breaky or a family-infested hell-time?

I haven’t done a thing about replacing my passport yet. And, yes, it’s going to cost 200 euros. I’m sure it was only 20 quid when I got my last one in 1999. I can’t bear to go and get photos done as I currently look like a fat alcoholic and need a haircut. And, not having a passport, it means I don’t have to go anywhere, which is quite nice. My mother asked just yesterday when I was coming to visit.

And blogmeets are sex. Have you met Slammy Annie on your London trip(s?)? If you haven’t, be warned. She’ll make you lesbian. Remember I told you so when you find yourself window-shopping for tractors and dungarees. And I’m now trying to stay off booze till Christina and GSE come to Berlin (separately) later this month…

32. Marsha Klein - April 10, 2007

My Easter was lovely, thank you. I was off work all last week (and Easter Monday). Both children were taking part in a four day long traditional Scotish music event and I was there as a parent helper. Although 130 kids playing music (mostly fiddle) and singing, shouting and running around sounds like most people’s idea of hell, it was actually great fun. Certainly a lot more fun than my job!

I haven’t met Slaminsky (although I have today admired the Flickr slideshow of her Berlin trip).

Surely Christina will be off the booze herself, won’t she? Or have all the rules changed since my child-bearing days? (I couldn’t reasonably expect you to know the answer to that last question!)

33. pleite - April 10, 2007

I’m sure Christina will be off booze at six months pregnant. I’ll be so healthy and unpoisoned by then I’ll look as bloomingly rosy as the lady herself, no doubt. Mind you, I took the plunge and did my passport snaps anyway, so I’m doomed to be pink and drunk-looking on paper for the next ten years.

And hurrah for fun, childrenful occasions.

34. MountPenguin - April 10, 2007

Presumably, as Christina is living in Bayern, there will be some kind of law requiring that children build up alchohol tolerance from as early an age as possible, if necessary via the mother’s bloodstream. I mean, how else do they gain the ability to down two litre glasses of beer?

35. wyndham - April 10, 2007

Gosh, I can’t keep up with all this jetsetting.

36. narrowback - April 10, 2007

as I have no recollection of being forced fed large quantities of beer during my childhood (and actually recall recoiling in disgust when some addled adult tried to make me try a sip) the ability to down two litre glasses of beer must be genetic or a “tribal memory” thing rather than a skill learned in childhood… and one NOT restricted to Barvarians.

37. pleite - April 10, 2007

Narrowback, I’m on another (no doubt short-lived) anti-smoking-and-boozing-athon. I feel worse than ever, of course. But on my last UK trip, my hostess told me we were both (as we sat knocking back one bottle of red after another) heading fast towards liver transplants. And the Russian and I are both disgustingly out of shape. So, yes, definitely time for another three-day health-drive (involving no exercise, of course, and still eating like horses, but not drinking and smoking). (I used to pull cigarettes from my mother’s mouth when a slip of a thing. She is now a non-smoking non-drinker. I think I sucked in all her nasty desires through my finger-tips.)

Wynders, how the bugger are you? Are you safely back in KT after the tribulations of the north? I hope you managed to follow my good example and squeeze away from your mother-in-law for an hour/day or two and do a bit of local blog tourism. Do they blog in the north yet? Anyway, it’s all very exciting. I was thrilled to meet Annie. You must make sure to be on best behaviour if I ever make it to London again and manage to force you out for a beer or two. (Annie’s set a very high standard.) Mind you, I’m passportless. Don’t suppose I’m likely to get to take you, Veronica and Dex to my bloggers’ boozer in Berlin any time soon?

Penguin, I can’t imagine Christina being much of a boozer somehow but I’ll certainly report back and let you know if she was to be seen sneaking off to the loo to do something nefarious out of her husband’s loving gaze… Gosh, the evenings seem longer without the edge taken off them by the red wine haze. Hope I fall back off the wagon soon.

38. Daggi - April 11, 2007

But on my last UK trip, my hostess told me we were both heading fast towards liver transplants.

I first assumed you meant air-hostess when I read this. Which would be very rude, especially as you have to pay for the stuff these days. And the bottles are the size of the ones that used to have food colouring in.

39. Daggi - April 11, 2007

Don’t suppose I’m likely to get to take you, Veronica and Dex to my bloggers’ boozer

Would that then be Dex’s Midnight Bloggers’ boozer?

40. Christina - April 11, 2007

I’m so jealous of you meeting up with all the bloggers. Let’s just say that R-burg is not so, um, packed with friendly blogger types.

41. pleite - April 11, 2007

Christina, sorry to hear it, but hopefully you can stock up on some bloggerly love when you’re here. It’s next weekend as ever is, isn’t it? What’s the plan?

Daggi, indeed it would have been rude of the air-hostess. But it was just my hostess. On the ground. We did have rather a lot, be it said. How many units is half a bottle of red? (Full 75cl-size, not plane-size.) (…and Dex is only a slip of a thing. I’m sure Wyndham’s an awfully groovy parent but he probably wouldn’t want his son loitering in a Berlin boozer at all.)

42. bowleserised - April 11, 2007

Berlin boozers are full of children! At least, some of them are. Not the kneipe, it has to be said.

43. Christina - April 11, 2007

Yes, we are arriving on the evening of the 20th and departing in the morning on the 23rd. No plan thus far. Want to organize something for the 21st or 22nd?

44. pleite - April 11, 2007

Christina, yes, as you’re the guests in town, say what suits you. I’m flexible. (I was actually meant to be in Denmark next weekend, vaguely. If, by some miracle, I did get a passport in a week – yes, unlikely, I know – there is still the minutest chance I would be. But even if I did go, I wouldn’t go till the Saturday morning, probably, so the Friday would still be doable.)

B., let’s see if we can get a pregnant woman clubbing and dancing till the wee hours. I whizzed my pregnant sister round at a Scottish ceilidh last year and then worried solidly from that moment till the baby was born, thankfully, utterly healthy, however many months later. I still haven’t met him.

45. Christina - April 12, 2007

At the moment, any of the evenings is fine for me, see when we can get the most people together, but let me know soon so I can plan other stuff too. I pretty much turn into a pumpkin at midnight, so I’ll see if I can get hubby to splurge on a room closer to everyone in Mitte. He always sticks us out in the MPI guesthouse that’s in the middle of nowhere (Dahlem) because it’s only 20 euro a night. I’ll pull the whole “last vacation as two” guilt-trip schtick.

And my only alcohol indulgence these last 6 months has been sticking a half glass of Marsala wine in a cake I baked, oh and perhaps the occasional praline. I haven’t noticed massive intake of Bier down here yet. I think it’s a summer thing. Maybe all the extra sunlight helps them metabolize the alcohol? Which would probably make it genetic. I’ve got Asian genes, which means I don’t metabolize alcohol at all.

46. pleite - April 12, 2007

Christina, how I envy you those Asian genes.

I’m 99.99% sure I’ll be here ALL next weekend, so I’ll e-mail around a tad too and see who’s up for a meeting and when suits.

In the meantime, LOOK at the weather (presuming it’s more or less the same down there as it is up here). Utterly glorious. Hope you have an excellent day lounging in the garden.

47. Blonde at Heart - April 12, 2007

It seems that the less you blog, the more comments you get. I took a week’s vacation from blogging and no one commented on my blog! :(
Are you going to blog soon? I wonder what’s new in you life.

48. pleite - April 12, 2007

BaH, I am having a severe bout of bloggers’ block. I have a perfect blogging window RIGHT NOW – I should be working but work can wait – but I have PRECISELY NOTHING TO SAY. Nothing at all. Nothing has happened worth blogging about, really. (The Easter Orthodox service was nice, but I don’t think I can get 500 words out of it.) (And meeting Annie Slaminsky – yes, she is – was heaven, but I mentioned that in this post/comments.) And I don’t have an imagination so can’t make anything up. So I am stuck… But the sun is out and I can feel increased amounts of serotonin coursing through my veins (or wherever it is that serotonin courses) so maybe I’ll find inspiration soon.

49. Christina - April 12, 2007

It was truly herrlich today in Bayern. I don’t know if it’s as warm up there, but it’s supposed to get up to 29C this weekend down here.

And I suppose there are advantages to being a cheap drunk. Even in my college binge drinking days my limit was two cocktails (or one of my signature “Jet Fuel” cocktails, which were supposed to be margaritas but quickly got renamed by the party guests – nobody drove home that night!).

Oh, and I think Friday is out. We’re having dinner with a blogger in Leipzig so probably won’t get to Berlin till late.

50. pleite - April 13, 2007

Christina, only anticipating the early 20s up here, which still ain’t bad.

We’ll work out a convenient time next weekend somehow. Just you wait and see…

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