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Syphilitic recycling November 27, 2006

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I’m recycling old ideas, all the while pretending it’s technical revenge on blogger. But, actually, I have still got cold feet about linking and doing anything vaguely complicated, ever since wordpress welcomed me by losing an early linkful post, but, I know I’ll need to conquer my fear eventually, so, Pats, how does one upload music too? I’d wanted to upload Dix’s Syphilitic when over at the last place – blogger vetoed my choice and the whole system collapsed – and want to upload my favourite piece of inspirational music, which I’ve blogged about before, by the syphilitic Schubert. As November enters its final furlong and I avoid work for England, Schubert is being an awfully faithful friend.

But, darlings, speaking of technology, though of a much simpler kind, I’ve just been given my first ergonomic mouse-pad. Aren’t they AGONY? Much more painful than almost severing an artery in my wrist on the edge of the desk. But mouse-free life on the laptop instantly cripples me. It’s all very hard.

Update your links, if you can be bothered. I think I’m here for ever now (though I can’t work out how to make the posts neater and tidier, as I anally could over there, and am I right to suspect that you can’t see any of the images in older posts?).



1. Mangonel - November 28, 2006

Did Blogger tell you why it didn’t like the Dix? (I confess I don’t, much, but I struggle to believe Blogger was objecting on aesthetic grounds.)

And I’d like a link to info about the ergonomic mouse-pad, because I fancy a giggle.

2. BiB - November 28, 2006

I’ve got the blue one: Mouse Gel Wrist Pad
Soft cushioning gel and smooth fabric conform to your wrist for all-day comfort. Nonskid rubber backing keeps pad in place. 10-3/8w x 1d x 8-7/8h.
Gorgeous, innit? Hurts like fuck.

For some reason, I had to go into the post – I’m guessing because it had a picture, or a link, or something – and ALLOW people to leave comments. Or perhaps it was just a glitch.

I love Dix. (Boom boom.) Actually, not this one, that much. But it’s the only decent syphilis illustration I know. Are you good at all this technical stuff already? Do you know how I upload music?

3. pleite - November 28, 2006

Sorry, blogger, not wordpress. Well, I don’t think it was censorship, just blogger struggling to cope, as ever (says the traitorous defector).

4. Mangonel - November 28, 2006

AAA-AN-ND the mouse mat exceeded my expectations! and it looks so – well, multifunctional! There have to be other things you can use it for!
Sorry – these innuendos just pop out. I’ve just been playing scrabble with my darling Leather Lady, and it sort of rubs off . . .

Re the picture – COME ON! There have to be a zillion and one decenter illustrations of syphilis! Ask Realdoc – bet she could find you some. Do I need to backread to find out why on earth you want to post a syphilis illustration? How far back do I have to go?

And no idea about the music – sorry. I read Patroclus’s posts about music with bemusement – my interest in pop music expired unmourned in my second year at uni. I know she says the field is so wide and caters for every taste but I just don’t have the time to go looking for stuff I would like. In the meantime, I have yet to find a site that would allow me to download classical music (anything from the 13th to the 18th century. And Verdi.), or 30s 40s and 50s popular stuff. So I have no iPod and no knowledge of iTunes, but a cherished collection of CDs. And some vinyl that I can no longer play but can’t bear to get rid of. I am looking forward to being enlightened via your blog, parasite that I am.

5. pleite - November 28, 2006

Mango, you’re right that the internet is pretty hopeless for classical music. So to make up for it, I’ve just sent you an enormous bloody file via dropload.com so you can hear what I was blogging about. Hope it doesn’t send your computer haywire. (I tried e-mailing the huge file. First my mail folk said, “You must be jokin’, guv’nor,” aber in Russian, then your crowd said, “Are you for real?” So dropload it was.

Oh dear, I’m not sure I want graphic pictures of pustulating organs. I’ll check my editorial policy. (By the way, the previous attempt was October 29th. Windows. Can you see the two pictures I did manage to upload, out of interest, or do you just get the crossed box?)

I’m not much good on pop, but Pats did provide me with a little bit of Finnish joy some time back, so I keep an eye out for other gems.

6. Ed Ward - November 28, 2006

eMusic has a fair selection of classical stuff if MP3 is the way you want to go. Also lots of other stuff.

7. Mangonel - November 28, 2006

BiB – thank you. Download says I will receive an email with instructions, but I haven’t yet -I’ll keep you posted.

Mr Ward (may I call you Ed?) – I’ve bookmarked eMusic. Thank you for the tip. They won’t let me see what’s available unless I sign up for the free trial, and in the absence of anywhere to download it to, it will have to wait a bit. eBay here I come . . .

8. BiB - November 28, 2006

Ed, thank you. I shall go and have an explore.

Oh, Mango, didn’t it just give you a link to go to? I haven’t used dropload for a while – handy for sending big worky files – but I thought you just clicked and the download began. Buggery.

9. Marsha Klein - November 28, 2006

If you read the blurb for the mouse mat again, you’ll see it offers “all-day comfort”. As you seem to be something of a nocturnal creature, I think you’re using the mat at the wrong time of day! The advertising should clearly state “provides all-day comfort, hurts like fuck by night” You may very well have grounds for a complaint!

P.S How very strange! As I read through my comment (to check spelling etc), a pop-up appeared called “Dating for Parents”. As my younger daughter was on the computer immediately before me I wonder if she’s trying to tell me something?! Or set me up?!!

10. patroclus - November 28, 2006

Ooh, hello BiB, sorry for the delay. I should confess it took me THREE WEEKS to figure out how to upload ONE mp3, and since that day I’ve forgotten again how to do it. Usually I just link to mp3 downloads that record labels have already made available – saves me doing anything.

But basically you need to upload your mp3 to a webserver and then publish the link on the blog. There are several outfits that provide free webspace for uploading and sharing files – there’s http://www.ezarchive.com, and I used http://www.sendspace.com. Email me at quadrireme at googlemail dot com if you need technical assistance and I’ll do my best to help out!

11. patroclus - November 28, 2006

Also, mangonel, there’s software and gadgets that you can get now to convert vinyl to mp3s, so check those out before you chuck out the vinyl!

I’m itching to start a proper mp3 blog, so BiB your cry for help might spur me to re-learn how to upload mp3s and start boring you all to tears…

12. pleite - November 29, 2006

Marsha, but is there a Mr. Klein? I’m sure there is, and you’d probably better not cheat on him. Infidelity is awfully rude.

Pats, I shall call on you if I decide to take more of a technological plunge. And I’m sure you wouldn’t bore anyone, so take that plunge too (or will it ruin your life?).

13. Marsha Klein - November 29, 2006

Oh BiB, I think you have mistaken the (over)use of exclamation marks in my previous comment for excited anticipation – “should I or shouldn’t I?” – when, in fact, they were meant to represent amazement, slightly tinged with concern. Rest assured Mr K. has nothing to worry about.

14. BiB - November 29, 2006

Good on ya! Have you grilled your daughter?

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