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Moving home November 18, 2006

Posted by BiB in Uncategorized.

Gas board? Check. Electricity board? Check. TV licence people? Check. Electoral roll? Check.

Honestly, this moving blog lark is just as hard as moving home. Especially if you’re as technically gifted as I am, which is roughly Stig-of-the-dump level. (It’s such a pain being a linguistically-minded internationalist. When reading that book aged whatever it was, I thought it was awfully Scandinavianist to give the caveboy of suburbia a Scandinavian name.) Had all gone smoothly, perhaps the whole move from there to here might have taken an hour or two. Or less, even. But of course I couldn’t resist pressing all the buttons at the shiny new wordpress site at the same time and the import died just as it seemed to be nearing its end. Cue a week of further attempts, deleting random posts over there that I assumed just MUST be the problem, getting rid of the ads (which earned me a grand total of $0.00 in however long they were there) and largely fruitless, though polite and speedy, correspondence with the wordpress people – but at least they exist! I’m sure blogger’s do too, but how do you find the bastards? Better hidden than a bottle of wine at an Iranian wedding… And even though I can now start gleefully hacking away at the old site, gaily deleting bits without actually deleting the whole thing, I’m still not quite done. Should anyone else ever think of making the move – I followed in

…oh god, half the post has disappeared. I give up.

OK, I’ll carry on, but without the eloquence and beauty, no doubt, of what was deleted. Incidentally, the deleted part started with a link, so obviously links are an ishoo and I may never link anywhere ever again. (Or wait till I’ve worked out how to do it more smoothly.)

What I wrote before, when I was feeling charitable, was that if you were thinking of making the move, because wordpress works and is just so wonderful, importing all your posts from blogger is easy enough but you can’t import links as far as I know and will have to reenter those yourself. Which I did, frazzled and red-eyed at some obscene hour. If, during the move, your link has fallen out of a box and escaped down a crack between blogger and wordpress, do please let me know. Any other link suggestions greatly accepted. Just WHOM should I be linking to, folks? New blog location, new horizons, and all that…

What else is nice over here so far? I like the templates, although Daggi at I Hate My Neighbours – I daren’t attempt a link again yet – told me they are importable to blogger, so I’m trying very hard to convince myself I’ll remain permanently technologically incapable of ever doing something so complicated to make me think I haven’t wasted my time by spending a working week on this still-incomplete move. (Non-blog links still languishing over there. Will work out how to list them somewhere other than the blogroll in 2014.) Also, posts aren’t timed, which means I don’t have to cringe about posting at 4 in the morning and people knowing what a weirdy I am. And, so far, I don’t have to put in a gazillion passwords and word verification riddles whenever I feel like doing anything at all.

So far, so – I think – good.



1. bowleserised - November 18, 2006

Ha! Found you!

2. Welsherella - November 18, 2006

I found you but sometimes I find a random page that isn’t your blg but is at the same url! And that really upsets me! I can only seem to get to your blog by going through the old one’s comments now…

3. Lukeski - November 18, 2006

Ahah, here you are…

4. David (TEFL Smiler) - November 18, 2006

I never trust any kind of Publish or Comment button on any type of blogging set-up – I always block and save everything I write, just in case it disappears a few seconds later. It’s now second nature. (I use the keyboard, of course – it would be too painful with a mouse.)

5. annie - November 19, 2006

Oooh! Pretty! Get you, boldly leading the way… Bravo!

6. DAggi - November 19, 2006

TV Licence people? Surely not. In Berlin you’d be in a very tiny minority. Or do you mean you have an alibi radio licence (“no, we don’t have a TV guv, but we have a radio, sure”)? Not that that helps, as that just means they have you on their list for ever and ever and send you letters and visit you regularly, just to make sure you ONLY listen to the radio and NEVER have seen a television screen in the comfort of your own very white flat (“no, that’s a microwave. Fuck off, and good day!”).

7. pleite - November 19, 2006

David, yes, I always think I’ll write things in Word, but then think, “Oh, those glitches must be a thing of the past by now, surely,” and then am disappointed every now and again. I’ll finish the post one day. Maybe. If I can be bothered.

B., Welshy, Lukeski, Annie… welcome to my new home. Come in, have a look around, suggest how I redecorate the place etc.

Daggi, my god, I am the most citizenly non-citizen in Berlin, it seems. Yes, I have the full-whack GEZ thing. We used to get a reduction as the Russian is a student, but even that doesn’t exist any more. Still, at least the TV – just looking at it sitting nicely off to my right – adds a bit of black to the whitescape.

8. Ed Ward - November 19, 2006

I got away without a license forever, but unfortunately I live on the ground floor, so either one of my neighbors informed on me (wouldn’t be the first time) or the GEZ guys saw the TV through the window. I forgot to abmeld when it blew up, but they very nicely forgot the fees for the intervening two years.

9. pleite - November 19, 2006

Anmelden, ummelden, abmelden… All a bit of a pain. As far as I know, I’m probably correctly angemeldet everywhere, but I was amazed to discover when we moved here in 2001 that I hadn’t abmelded myself (or that I was even meant to) when I’d been here for ten minutes in 2000. It was all there, in the old hag’s computer. Amazingly, she had a moment of humanity and said something along the lines of, “Oh, it doesn’t matter,” rather than carrying out the death penalty on the spot, which is, I presume, the normal routine.

10. patroclus - November 19, 2006

Ah, WordPress, very classy…will update my links forthwith!

11. BiB - November 19, 2006

Pats, thank you. It’s all very traumatic, the move. Worse than moving home, actually, and much more time-consuming. But maybe it’ll become home in the end.

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