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More death October 7, 2006

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Another political assassination in Russia. Anna Politkovskaya, a journalist famed for not being a Kremlin lapdog, was shot dead today. She survived what she and many others considered an attempt on her life a couple of years ago when suffering food-poisoning on her way to Beslan. The case bears striking similarity to the death of Galina Starovoitova, a liberal Russian MP also murdered in her own house in 1998.

There was an interesting chat the other night on the BBC between some journo or other and Boris Akunin, a.k.a Grigori Chkhartishvili, a contemporary Russian writer born in Georgia who now says, in the light of Russia’s bullying tactics, that he is being forced to rediscover his georgianness. (He writes detective stories. Can’t bear to read one.) He painted a grim picture of Putin’s Russia. And back on September 5th and 6th up to 400 people gathered in Petrozavodsk, a town where I once studied, to demand that migrants from the Caucasus be deported from Karelia, bearing in mind that most of these migrants from the Caucasus are also Russian citizens. The race card is still very much playable in Russia.

Russia is awash in oil cash at the moment. Life for many has improved. There is no opposition. And my breath is held to see if Putin will have the constitution amended in time for the next presidential elections so that he can stand for a third term, just as his miserable neighbour in Minsk did before him. Watch that space.

(More, for Russian-speakers.)
(And yet more, for Londoners: A vigil has been organised by a group of independent individuals, journalists, and human rights activists. It will be held outside of the Russian Embassy tomorrow, Tuesday 10th October. There will be no political messages, placards or banners, only candles… We can now confirm that the vigil for Anna Politkovskaya will take place tomorrow, Tuesday 10 October 2006 between 6.30 and 7.30 pm outside the Russian Embassy. The police have asked us to gather opposite the Embassy on Notting Hill Gate, next to the Champion pub. If there are a fair number of us, we are to move to the other side of Ossington Road, which is directly opposite the Embassy. The nearest tube station is Notting Hill Gate. We would like to stress that we would like this to be a quiet and dignified event. We do not want this to be taken over by anyone wishing to protest or promote particular political or ideological agendas. Please spread the word about this important event to those who wish to attend in this spirit. And please come, with candles.)


1. Bowleserised - October 7, 2006

She was at Dropping Knowledge’s Table of Free Voices.

Her responses should be here, but I can’t find them…


2. BiB - October 7, 2006

Can’t find anything about her there either. I’m looking forward to Putin’s public reaction, presuming there’ll be one.

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