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Im nin’alu July 30, 2006

Posted by BiB in Uncategorized.

Ofra Haza, along with Larry Grayson, is one of those deceased stars whose death still makes me properly sad. Can’t work out quite why. In her case, perhaps because she looks such an angel here, and the song is so beautiful. Larry Grayson because… I just don’t know. Anyway, that’s it. No more youtubing. No, really.



1. lukeski - July 31, 2006

It does become addictive, and you end up searching for (and finding) the most bizarre things. Ah, the joys of the internet…

2. BiB - July 31, 2006

Not much Althea and Donna on there though, more’s the pity. But I’m finding it a wonderful resource for revisiting my musical past, which I wouldn’t bother to otherwise. Hopefully, it’ll just keep getting bigger and better.

3. chendaberry - July 31, 2006

Oooo, I just found my aunty on YouTube, how exciting. Very bad sound though…

4. BiB - July 31, 2006

Doing what? Is she a pop-star? Or filming herself setting fire to something or doing some other naughty thing? Or is it top secret?

5. Geoff - July 31, 2006

Her dath made me very sad too. It’s a truly beautiful song, and certainly one of the most unusual to ever grace the UK top 20.

I haven’t seen any reviewers mention the fact that the song Isaac on Madonna’s new album starts off with a man singing Im Nin Alu, which was a bit of a surprise to hear on a Madonna album!

6. BiB - July 31, 2006

Geoff, me old china. I just checked in at your place to see if you’d taken the blogging plunge, but not yet. (I’ll harrass you into it eventually!)

I don’t know how old Im nin’alu is, but it’s pretty much a hymn. Cherubim, creators, the works. And it’s Yemenite traditional (apparently), and Ofra Haza was of Yemenite origin, so perhaps that was doubly the attraction for her. (Don’t know whether she was mega-religious or not.)

I’m not sure if Madonna is still in her Kabbalah/Jewishish/Israeli phase. But that must be how/when she came across it. In any case, it’s fantastically beautiful, isn’t it? I was thrilled to bollocks to discover this old version on youtube. Even nicer than the version that got famous, and before Ms. Haza went in for bigger hair. I like her plain-Jane look here, and it’s all so cosy, her sitting there nicely smilily. I might just have to give it another watch…

7. Ed Ward - August 1, 2006

Ofra Haza had this sort of Streisandesque career going in Israel before she decided to do a “roots” album, which is where this came from. Little did she suspect that this all happened right as “world music” was getting started, and suddenly she had a whole new audience.

8. BiB - August 1, 2006

Ed, now there’s a mental image. Streisand and Ofra Haza. Sometimes I struggle to believe that humans are a single race!

Streisand makes me think always of when she was having her liasion with Agassi. She turned up at Wimbledon to watch him play. My ex was chauffeuring there at the time. As he waited for his next client, the door was flung open and Babs dived onto the back-seat, out of view of the marauding tennis-fans, no doubt, and yelled, “Drive!” Don’t know if she sang him a tune during the journey.

9. Blonde at Heart - August 15, 2006

Oh my God! I never knew Ofra Haza was popular outside the borders of Israel!

10. BiB - August 15, 2006

She certainly was. I’ve got a feeling – although I might be inventing this – that she even had some level of popularity in Arab countries too. Well, as far as I know, her only hit (in the UK, at least) was the modernised version of Im nin’alu, so she wasn’t a megastar, but heard of.

11. Anonymous - September 15, 2006

In time we shall all join her again!

12. BiB - September 15, 2006

Well, I agree we shall certainly all meet the same fate! Hope you enjoyed the song. It’s a wonderful rendition, isn’t it?

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