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Friday the 14th July 14, 2006

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Darlings, I’ve got a major oodle of work to do at the moment, so expect my blogging to increase about tenfold in quantity until next week’s deadline.

To my horror, as I sat down to ignore my work as studiously as I could this morning, I noticed that it was Friday the 13th. As I thought nothing untoward was actually likely to happen, I thought perhaps I’d better scald myself deliberately with coffee or set my hair on fire again, but then I realised I just hadn’t moved the calendar on a notch and that it was actually the 14th after all. Phew!

So how to avoid work without having the option of leaving the house? To pretend I’m working, I’ve opened the software necessary for every modern translator. It costs a fortune, just to make sure the job is a little bit less pleasant, and tends to slow down the work, if anything, but that’s progress for ya. In any case, like blogger, it’s big and blue, so I can brandish it on the workbench, or whatever that computery word is, if ever I’m interrupted. (“Look, I’m working!”) Well, I’ve visited every page on the internet already. But no, at times like this, it has to be Eurovision and fingering my way through some glorious old videos. If you follow my advice and go to the link, click on multimedia lounge, then on video, you’ll be able to watch this year’s entries, 14 past winners and various clipettes from over the years. The 14 – to match the utterly auspicious date, no doubt – provide some pretty glorious moments. There’s Abba, of course. Then Sertab Erener, Turkey’s only ever winner. And Dana International, the Israeli transsexual who – surprise, surprise – caused a bit of a scandal back in the homeland.

But it’s the French-speaking world wot wins it. France Gall is so sweet and innocent – representing Luxembourg, and not France – that you might even want to shed a tear. (Innocence was a bit of a thing with her, it seems. Was she not happy at singing a song by M. Gainsbourg which she thought was about lollipops and was, in fact, about blow-jobs.) But just LOOK at Céline Dion munt for Switzerland in a wicked perm and wearing a dirty old bit of net curtain. She looks like she hasn’t been home for the night. And why Switzerland? Isn’t Quebec still a territoire d’outre-mer? Couldn’t she just have sung for France, to make up for Luxembourg Gall’s oversight?

OK, 1pm. Time to take a break from working for now. A long lunch, perhaps…



1. neil @ in actual fact - July 14, 2006

I’m sorry, but in my continuing support of Italy over France, my cheesy 80s video (they don’t play keyboards like that anymore) has to be Matia Bazar.
Isn’t YouTube great? Now, I really must either do some work or have a mid-afternoon snack….

2. BiB - July 14, 2006

Gosh, that video is really appallingly bad. Well found!

Have you got to get back to the fields? Hope you’ve had a hearty lunch.

3. Neil @ In Actual Fact - July 14, 2006

Disturbingly, I knew the song title – I blame German girl for playing it in the car all the time. I didn’t remember the shirts being quite so, er, flouncy though.

And I’m finished with the fields, although I have had a hearty English ploughman’s lunch of pasta with sundried tomato, tuna and artichoke sauce.

4. BiB - July 14, 2006

But what about the oatcakes? Although I greatly approve of England’s improved cuisine really.

I think the Dutch introduction to the vid even adds something. Did German girl actually like the song? Was this a bone of contention?

5. Neil @ In Actual Fact - July 14, 2006

Tsk, the oatcakes are for breakfast, silly – and I only ate the pasta because we’d run out of mutton pies and lard sandwiches.

I remember the song, because compared to most of the music on the tapes that she’d recorded from the radio as teenager and then decided to listen to a decade later – that was one of the better ones. When the other musical highpoints that spring to mind are things like “Ich will Spaß” by Markus, or “Geil” by “Bruce & Bongo,” I’m amazed the realtionship lasted for quite so many car journeys….

6. BiB - July 16, 2006

Did you actually quote the music as grounds for divorce during the proceedings?

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