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SMS news July 10, 2006

Posted by BiB in Uncategorized.
SMSes I received yesterday:
1). (From French gent in Berlin covering World Cup for French radio, on Zizou’s moment of madness) “Incroyable ;-( le suicide d’une icone devant 3 milliards de téléspectateurs” (Unbelievable – won’t translate the punctuation expression – an icon commits suicide in front of 3 billion TV viewers.) (That translation should set you back 1 euro 60, but I’m feeling charitable.)
2). (From ex in Sussex visiting his 94-year-old grandmother recovering from hip-op (not hip-hop) in hospital) “Gran pointed to an utterly decrepit 95-year-old and told us, in a low bellow, “Ethel went to the theatre last night, so she can’t be in as much pain as she makes out.” Actually, it was the operating theatre that poor Ethel had visited. How we laughed…”
I thank you.


1. Arabella - July 10, 2006

Incroyable indeed. I weeped. Oh Zizou.

2. daggi - July 10, 2006

Perhaps there was a hip-hop show on at the theatre?

3. BiB - July 10, 2006

Arabella, hello! Well, apparently, he still got the golden boot, or best player of the tournament, or whatever it is, so there’s that consolation. The Frenchies should have won though. Oh well. Tant pis.

Daggi, I tried to translate the tale into Russian for the Russian, and he was mystified when the word ‘theatre’ came up in relation to a hospital, so it lost in translation somewhat.

4. GreatSheElephant - July 10, 2006

The only good thing about the Italians winning is that hopefully Berlusconi won’t be able to find a way of taking credit for it.

5. BiB - July 10, 2006

Too true. Or does he own all the teams that all the players play for? (Didn’t they all play for Juventus and AC Milan or something?) And will they all be 3rd division players next season? Not that I could give a toss about Italian football, really. Or any other football, actually. Unless I happen to be living in South Africa in four years’ time, or coincide with the whole shebang again somewhere else, I think that’s my football days done. And I didn’t even make it to a match.

6. chendaberry - July 11, 2006

A good friend of mine turned down a free ticket for the final game. LOVE girls, they just don’t get it.

7. BiB - July 11, 2006

Gosh, that was perhaps an oversight. (Was it the same friend who whiffs a tad?) I’ve been to two internationals at Wembley, and while the football was unseeable and perhaps even boring, it was still a proper event.

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