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No tears for Fritz June 6, 2006

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Darlings, I’m being a lazy, grown-up, serious blogger for a while, just while I recover from a long-weekend-long hangover, and am pointing you elsewhere again, this time to this lovely tale of an Ossi doing a bit of non-WWII-but-GDR-not-existing-and-him-having-to-admit-he’s-just-a-German-now-after-all Vergangenheitsbewältigung (I’ve abused that word on this blog). And it’s about football. And I’m trying to get excited. (Actually, the tale is four articles in one. The German one comes first. Ghana, USA and England follow. They may be pants.)

This summer is going to be a whirly blur of booze and football. Three Danish friends arrive this weekend for I don’t know how long. Perhaps the whole World Cup. I spent some of the last one with them in Denmark. (Thankfully I’d left by the time England thrashed them mercilessly.) Apart from it being the time I had the blackest tan I’ve ever had, it was also the time of the oddest drinking hours. Because the World Cup was in Japan and Korea, the matches were often on at crack of dawn in Denmark. When Denmark was playing, we were obliged to celebrate/commiserate in the only way acceptable, which meant cracking open bottles of beer at 7am. Heaven. As Denmark hasn’t qualified this time, and as they’ll be on a ‘boys’ tour’ in Berlin, I suppose we’ll have to drink twice as much. And then there’s a stag party gaggle coming later in the summer. I need to get heterosexuals out of my life. (Mind you, heterosexuals don’t do drugs, do they? Or is that Catholics? I can never remember.)



1. Wyndham - June 6, 2006

Oooh, you lucky thing. You World Cup sounds like it’s going to be heaven. Although I warn you, some of the footballers may be hetrosexual.

2. BiB - June 6, 2006

Christ, these hets will ‘crawl into any hole’, as our Russian friends say. Straight footballers? Is there no end to this perversion? As I say, my allegiance will be with the Poles, whom I fully expect to perform in cassocks.

How’s the job-hunt/permanent holiday going?

3. Wyndham - June 6, 2006

Very well at the moment. I’m probably shopping far too much for someone of my low social status but I figure I mist be of some use to the British retail industry while I’m “resting.” Although I fully intend, like you, to take some time off from the sho – job-hunting – in order to get lost in a blur of booze and football, cassocks and all.

4. BiB - June 7, 2006

Quite right. No-one looks for a job during the World Cup. Hopefully, you won’t still be using that excuse in four years’ time but will have come up with a crispily fresh one by then.

There’s the rest of the French Open and Wimbledon to fall back on too, if you need extra sporting excuses. I’m sure Veronica will understand, and Dexter must greatly appreciate all the extra quality time…

5. The Blind Flaneur - June 7, 2006

Hello again. A good time to be in Berlin, I should imagine, a bad time to be broke. My tip for the world cup is to avoid that new train station if you need a slash. Apparently, there’s only one toilet. Vorsprung dorch technik, eh?.

With regards to blogging, I can’t decide whether to stay on the bus or get off and go home, never to be seen again. Laziness may well determine the final decision.

6. BiB - June 7, 2006

BF, do you mean you weren’t overcome with feelings of internal gooiness by all our feelings of internal gooiness sent in your direction when you held the fort so manfully over chez Wynders? I think you definitely need to stay firmly on the bus.

I haven’t seen our new Hauptbahnhof in its complete form yet, but it’s been excoriated by everyone I know who has. A temple of vulgarity, they say. And you have to pay to use public toilets in Germany, which means no-one does, so that one’s probably only a health-&-safety requirement (which is probably one long word auf Deutsch). Our public transport announcements have gone bilingual in time for the WC (World Cup, not toilet), but a long-term manic depressive has been used to do the English part. Revenge for 1966, I think.

7. Bowleserised - June 7, 2006

80 cents to use the loo. The station is like Bluewater, or the nearest Berlin has… I think the main draw is the shops that open on a Sunday and the possibilities of 7 day a week consumerism.

8. BiB - June 8, 2006

I remember a female friend complaining loudly at Friedrichstr. that the women, regardless of what they wanted to actually do in the loo, had to pay a euro for the privilege whereas we geezers only had to pay 50c, although I think the men might have had to sign a declaration of intent upon arrival and perhaps had to cough up an extra 50c if they intended to use a cubicle. (Actually, maybe this was pre-euro and I should be talking Marks & Pfennigs (as opposed to Marks & Spencers).)

Not a single old, glorious, civic-minded train station in this whole city, then? Anhalter Bahnhof needs to be revived…

9. daggi - June 9, 2006

Potsdam-Pirschheide (ex-Potsdam Hauptbahnhof), bib. Go only during the day, mind you.

10. BiB - June 10, 2006

Is that a different station from Potsdam S-Bahn, which I have been to? What happens there at night-time? Is that where the poor Ethiopian gent was battered to within an inch of his life? (Or was he killed, even?)

11. daggi - June 25, 2006

It is indeed round the corner from where that Ethopian gent was battered.

But: worse: at night-time people go bowling there. Or to the brothel.

12. BiB - June 25, 2006

Christ, I’m chasing your comments all round the blog today. Fancy ending up back here! The brothel on our street has a flashing heart in the window which pulsates at different tempos. It has been mused upon that perhaps the heart actually somehow reflects the goings-on within the four walls. Mind you, I’ve seen one client – a pissed gent a week or so ago – go in in the gazillion years I’ve lived here, so they might not be doing a roaring trade. The madam’s got a nice car, though.

13. daggi - June 25, 2006

I know. I’m getting in 3-months-worth of comments over and done with in one go.

14. BiB - June 26, 2006

Is your rustic idyll going to be an internet-free zone?

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