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Personally, I fancy the one on the bottom left hand corner. Such nice lips. And gorgeous eyes. And pretty good teeth too.

Well I’m absolutely chuffed to bollocks that the Finns won. There were so many queens that wanted to watch the whole shebang at the club we aimed to go to that we actually couldn’t get in and only got into a bar across the road because, I’m guessing, one of the friends I was with is actually the most beautiful man in the world. And if you can’t use your beauty to get to watch the Eurovision, then what can you use it for, eh?

We were collectively gutted that the Australo-Krauts didn’t do better, of course, especially as the song was actually pretty good. A big, tractor-driving lesbian in the same establishment confided in me that it was, frankly, a scandal that Germany hadn’t won. My Australian companion was understandably distraught. But go Suomi! I instantly texted my friend in Turku – the second most beautiful man in the world actually. I can’t grumble, knowing the world’s two most beautiful men – and he replied, “It’s too good to be true.” Which was perhaps overdoing the fervour. But the Finns have never won it before, and I’m more thrilled than if I’d won the lottery two weeks running that all that voting for your neighbours still didn’t manage to make Russia or Bosnia win. But that might be because I’m not very nice.

And poor old Daz with his family rap.

Anyway, it was, as ever, the highlight of my year. I’m already looking forward to next year. Because of all the prattling queens (and the odd tractor-driving lesbian), I couldn’t hear a word of the commentary. But I hope that, next year, the Finns will say at least a few words in the native tongue. Then yet more folk will know that not only do the Finns sing beautifully (sorta like kinda), but that they also have the world’s most beautiful language. Suomi, minä rakastan sinua!



1. patroclus - May 21, 2006

Hurrah for Finland, my favourite country in the whole world, despite my only ever having spent 36 hours there.

I missed the whole Eurovision shebang, what with never watching telly and that, but who needs telly when you have beautiful posts like this to sum it all up and provide the requisite atmosphere and dramatics? Nice work, BiB.

2. Bren - May 22, 2006

You know Finnish as well?

Just how many languages do you know, Mr Broke?

I think the Finns wore those costumes to disguise the fact that they are the weirdest people on the planet.

This broad generalisation based on the highly scientific study of my knowing four Finns, two of which are sisters…

3. BiB - May 22, 2006

Bren, only a smattering of the old Suomi, from two years of diligent but, ultimately, utterly forgettable study at university and a number of trips to the land of the gazillion lakes, or whatever it is, itself. I think our Finnish cousins do, indeed, have an odd reputation in many circles, but I’ve never failed to adore all the ones I meet, and the country – IN SUMMER – is wonderful. I like their humour, their slightly tortured souls (alcohol is a great untorturer, they have discovered) and their modesty. And the men are big and strapping.

Actually, in answer to the original language question, when people ask, I’ve tended to start saying, “One. English.” Of course I know smatterings of others – German and Russian, obviously – but, not living in Russia and never intending to again, it can only be downhill from hereon in and I don’t think my brain has room for decent German, so the only language I actually enjoy speaking these days is English. I don’t do it nearly enough. (Although I practised with an Australian at the weekend.) (Frankly, we – the Germans, that is – are still tutting and shaking our heads in disbelief that, even with a bit of help from our Australian friends, we didn’t do better. We woz robbed.)

Pats, so glad you’re a Finland fan. It’s my absolute favourite too (although I wouldn’t want to do too many non-summer trips).

4. patroclus - May 22, 2006

Hmm, I’m going for a week at the end of September. Might this be a tactical error?

5. Geoff - May 22, 2006

The non-summer trips are indeed miserable, although rather unavoidable when you happen to work with Nokia. I had my first trip of the spring to Helsinki last week, the weather was glorious and you could see the personality shift in the Finns themselves.

I think I may try and make sure I engineer one of my meetings to coincide with Eurovision next May, I’ve never been to the event and I think the Finns are bound to put on a good show.

We were gutted too about Germany – aside from me being a rampant Germanophile (is that a real word?) and the Australian boyfriend delighted to have a compatriot to support, it was a wonderful song and deserved to do so much better. How’s it gone down in the German press? I got the impression they were quite confident this year.

6. BiB - May 22, 2006

Well, the Germans are always guarded about plugging their own cause, so disgust has probably been muted. (A friend told me German flags had to be imported, or made in a rush, when Germany unexpectedly got to the World Cup final last time.) But it seems to me the most obvious oversight of this year’s competition. Germany rocked. (Or swang.)

P., late September should still be fine. Maybe even lovely. Though winter won’t be far off.

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