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Oh flip, I slept through the revolution May 2, 2006

Posted by BiB in Uncategorized.
Never mind, eh? Or was it cancelled this year? As I strutted around Berlin the day before yesterday, the police were already out in force in areas where anyone with a drum is known to congregate (i.e. Mauerpark). I did feel a bit naughty as I snuck through the police cordon with a plastic bag full of bread rolls, but it all passed off peacefully enough.

Anyway, for those of you with a yearning for Soviet memorabilia, may I suggest you go here where a lovely old ditty is downloadable. May I also add, while I type myself into an ungovernable rage, that I am chuffed to bollocks that the Czech Communist Party’s annual parade to remind fellow Czechs how they fucked their lives up for over 40 years was bettered by an anti-Communist one this year?

Actually, I did get a sniff of the annual Berlin revolution on my way home from a (drink-free) night out yesterday. As the U-Bahn rolled into Eberswalderstraße, the platform was full of drunk 17-year-olds bristling with earnest and heartfelt political grievances. Demonstrating their dissatisfaction with the lie of the land seemed mainly to entail smashing bottles and refusing to allow the train doors to close, which was pretty revolutionary, I suppose. I think the train symbolised the continued oppression of the masses by someone or other. And stopping it from carrying the four people on board onwards towards the centre of oppression, Pankow – the Berlin equivalent of Ruislip, for the uninitiated – was their act of resistance against… something or other. If I could have only been brave enough to throw off the shackles of my current life, but I think I’m too repressed, I would have got out of that oppressive train right there and joined the teenage revolt and smashed a Bionade bottle and the ticket-machine (another symbol of repression of and by someone or other if ever there was one).

But I failed. And here I am, continuing my bourgeois life. Sorry boys.


1. Electron - May 2, 2006

Nice Blog:)

2. BiB - May 2, 2006

Thanks Electron. I think I can safely say yours is the most specialised blog I have ever visited!

3. Bowleserised - May 2, 2006

“Pankow – the Berlin equivalent of Ruislip, for the uninitiated ”

Hahahahaha! genau. I was too Sießig to do anything too. Berlin is turning me into a Daily Mail reader :(

4. Wyndham - May 2, 2006

*(drink-free) night out *

Please explain.

5. Tim Newman - May 2, 2006

Ooh, thanks for reading!

6. lukeski - May 2, 2006

Rosa would be proud…

7. BiB - May 2, 2006

B., gosh, yes, is that what Berlin does to one? Isn’t it meant to make us groovy and funky and not Daily Mail readers? And Lukeski, I suppose Rosa would be pretty disgusted at my inactivity, but whaddaya do, whaddaya do?

Wynders, I’m off the booze. Actually, partly prompted by Lukeski, who also is, and also by vanity, because my nose is beginning to go bobbly and veiny, and I’m only 35, and I vaguely harbour the notion that I might still theoretically be capable of seduction. But not with a nose like this. (Admittedly, I have hay fever too.) Actually, it’s vaguely piece-of-cake-ish at the mo, but it’s not even two weeks. Still, I’m smoking 30 times as much to compensate.

Tim, always happy to pop in on another русская душа.

8. daggi - May 3, 2006

You’re a bit unfair on the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia there – as far as Stalinists went (and they were still Stalinists) they were pretty ok – otherwise the Russians wouldn’t have marched in back in ’68, would they?

9. BiB - May 3, 2006

Daggi, effing good point. I suppose I wasn’t really thinking of the spirit of ’68 and Dubcek and all that period but the nastier types that came in their wake. So excuse my oversight. Are you blogging from England or are you still here?

10. daggi - May 3, 2006

England… But back very soon. This damned keyboard, all the letters – well about 2 of them (and as I keep noticing, the positions of the asterisk and the round and square brackets, and the at-sign) are all in the wrong place.

11. leon - May 3, 2006

[daggi] Are you in London’s Famous Essex at present then? Come and say hello before you go.

12. daggi - May 3, 2006

Indeed, Leon. Maybe today? Lunch on that park bench, or on the Walworth? Get the number off your associate Mr. E. (who unfortunately isn’t going under the name of Herr Alan here).

13. leon - May 3, 2006

Ah, Herr Alan says you’ll be around after work anyway, which sounds OK to me.

14. BiB - May 4, 2006

Well, don’t leave me in suspense. Did you manage a park-bench meeting or what?

15. leon - May 4, 2006

I can confirm that myself and Daggi managed to seriously confuse a lot of Tube passengers with (probably) drunken stories of Kruschev getting pushed into the Kremlin pond.

Probably too much Sam Smith’s Yorkshire-style weissbier for a worknight.

16. BiB - May 4, 2006

Drunken japes. I am envious. Two weeks without a drink today. I feel no better at all, but a lot more bored…

17. daggi - May 4, 2006

The stories about Stalin appearing from behind the curtains in various negotiations were also quite good. Do you want that book Leon or shall I donate it to the Sue Ryder Shop?

18. Bowleserised - May 6, 2006

BiB? I *demand* fresh blog. Doesn’t matter what it’s about, will always be funny. But I need fresh blog from you, and I’m sure Chenda would second that.

19. BiB - May 8, 2006

Daggi, I’ll have the book. My excuse that my bookshelves are so empty because everything I own is in London is beginning to wear a bit thin after over four years here.

B., thank you, and Chenda, whose blog I can’t get to when I click on her blue underliney thing from a comment chez toi. Is her blog only a ruse?

20. Bowleserised - May 8, 2006

Sadly she has no blog, but she should. I just steal all her best stories instead.–>

21. pleite - May 9, 2007

Just autistically noticing another ignored comment. Unforgivable. As is Chen’s still refusing to take up blogging. What is she going to DO with all those unblogged stories?

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