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Furnishings sought April 28, 2006

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Darlings, I’m a bit mystified what this all means, really, but it seems to be a project to get all that junk out of your life and send it to Kreuzberg, as far as I can understand. Let the Wessis have it, that’s what I say. (Damn, and due to a major bout of DIY last week, we threw away a perfectly shit IKEA Carlos (or maybe Stefano) which could easily have gone to a bad home in the West. Aber zu spät. I had suggested to the Russian that we at least neighbourlily put up a notice (presumably to then be bollocked by the Hauswart for having used sellotape or blu-tak or whatever the forbidden adhesive du jour happened to be) to ask if anyone wanted to ruin their lives with a piece of unspeakably shoddy junk. But he had it flat-unpacked in minutes and I still await the repercussions from potentially having chucked it all in the wrong big bin. I know just how Mandelshtam felt, scared of the doorbell and all that. Though perhaps the Soviets were worse than the Hauswart, on second thoughts.)

Anyway, this has been forwarded to me by an awfully nice and kind person, and she’s involved in it, so this is the least I can do…



1. Wyndham - April 28, 2006

I don’t understand, is there nowhere to sit down in Kreuzberg?

2. BiB - April 28, 2006

Flippin ‘eck, Wynders, that was quick. I’ve hardly had time to edit the post 18 times, as I always have to do, and up you pop. I’m looking forward to this you being a man of leisure period. Should be much less lonely for me.

I’m not sure about the seating shortage in Kreuzberg. I see my friend(ess) has sent me this when two of the apposite dates had already passed. But I think this must be a last push in time for May 1st so that there’s something to burn in case folk get clever this year and put their cars somewhere safe. That ash is an awful pain to get rid of.

(Are you feeling like a new man, now that you’re free? Or scared stiff? Or just perfectly sanguine about it all?)

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