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My favourite teleologists April 16, 2006

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I am fully aware that this blog has plumbed the depths of filth and degradation in recent days, but before I move on to matters intellectual and bring you the BiB’s-favourite-teleologist range, I’ll keep it vulgar for just one more post, if you don’t mind awfully.

Now I know we’re living in a largely post-religious era – well, OK, some of us in some bits of the world are – but pornography in Easter eggs? Isn’t that a tad rude? The Russian purchased a couple of Easter eggs yesterday in a nod to non-Orthodox Christianity. (Theirs is in two weeks, now you’re asking.) Only wee ones, because we’re not children. And we’re watching our weight. (Ha!) These eggs were along the lines of Kinder eggs, but they weren’t Kinder. They were something else. But the principle was the same, right down to the plastic blob inside with a toy. I scoffed my egg in a jiffy, then struggled with the blob for a second and then gave up on creativity for the day as I couldn’t get the bugger open. I wasn’t overly distraught, be it said.

On my next trip to the kitchen, I saw a bit of plastic perched painfully in the cactus. Upon closer inspection, I saw it was Spongepant Bobsquares, with a look of utter euphoria plastered across his obscene features, being rogered by an equally euphoric pink blob, roughly the shape of the drop on a bottle of Vosene. “And where was this all happening?” I hear you ask. Good question… Only sitting in a hollow nutshell. Is this what the makers of toys now see as fit for children and middle aged queens watching their weight? Euphoric sponges and drops of shampoo engaged in such acts? It’s dumbing down, I tell you. They should never have done away with the O Level.



1. Bowleserised - April 22, 2006

Whoops, I mean to post this:


2. BiB - April 28, 2006

Since when has holding hands with a starfish been a sin?

3. Bowleserised - April 28, 2006

Exactly. I wouldn’t have thought right wing fundamentalist US christians would get the reference. But maybe they did because that’s all they think about all the time.

4. pleite - May 9, 2007

Too, too bonkers.

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