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…further experimentation April 15, 2006

Posted by BiB in Uncategorized.
…ok, so I see I can’t upload photos from here. Fair enough. And I’ll work out how to do sexy linking by 2009, I’m sure. But, darlings, especially you technically-minded ones, do tell me if there are other blogger hints I need to improve my life. Although I have to say I’m sometimes tempted by the opposition. I mean, look at Berlin Diary (and that interesting – for Berliners, mindestens – post). It’s all so crisp and neat and tidy. It’s the Conran of blogs. Whereas I worry mine looks like something from Poundsaver. And I’ve been tormented ever since I read here that having a dark background is fatal. And what with all the other life-changing discoveries I’m making these days – kitchen-blogging and the like – I’m thinking of daring to take other plunges. Brave, eh?

Hmm, who fancies a beer?

Couldn’t Madonna hire a better rhymer, while I’m here and REALLY struggling for something to say? I’ll have you know I’ve been a ‘dialogue coach’ in my time, and I’m sure, given a financial incentive, I could branch out from being a pronunciation guide to giving hints on rhymes too. Now I like Madonna. And the Russian and I are known to occasionally fling ourselves around the living room for a few enthusiastic nanoseconds until my body caves in (at which point the Russian reminds me I am 40 years – or thereabouts – Madonna’s junior) to a Madonna number. Duly, I display enthusiasm for what I think is the latest album. But, Madders, please. The rhyming! York and dork? Mad, glad and sad? A bit weak. So Mads, if you happen to drop in on BiB, as I’m sure you probably do most days, let me know if you need my help. I could help you say all those foreign words you need to say better too, or do you mean to be so deliberate? Maybe it’s the Kabbalah. Anyway, normally, I wouldn’t charge much for proofreading rhymes, but I think you can nicely be expected to pay at least 50 times the going rate…

And I haven’t even had a drink in days…



1. Adrian - April 18, 2006

I like your white-on-navy background. Navy is the acceptable form of black.

2. BiB - April 18, 2006

Adrian, hello! And thank you for your words of encouragement. That is good to read. Maybe I won’t take the plunge and go over to the enemy after all. But my next project is to remove these enormous margins from the left-hand and right-hand sides of the blog. All that wasted space! It’ll take me 100 years to work out how.

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