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…fuck April 14, 2006

Posted by BiB in Uncategorized.
I can! Well, darlings, this gives rise to a whole range of new opportunities. I fiddled around with this being-able-to-e-mail-your-blog option yesterday and it came to no avail, but now I see it works. Too queer.

This might be initial fervour speaking, but I see this as a fillip to my blogging credentials. I could never get away with sneaky blogging before as, if the Russian walked in and I was meant to be working, I could hardly pretend I was with that great, big, fuck-off blogging window open. There was just no way of pretending that was work. At all. But now, if the Russian walks in with his frown prepared in advance, I can say, “No, darling, I’m writing an important e-mail about that very important job that we’re both very eager for me to get so I can sit at the computer for just a bit longer and make sure my body atrophies just that tad quicker,” and he’ll be none the wiser. Oh, the delicious deceit of it all. (Flip, unless he gets up really close and sees the ludicrous e-mail address.)

Right, once I work out how to do links and photos and all that malarkey, I’ll be up and away.

Happy Easter, folks.



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