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Resisting the urge to make a Czech/check/cheque pun… April 5, 2006

Posted by BiB in Uncategorized.
Now don’t you think for as much as a single nanosecond that the irony of being able to unite a number of blog strands here is lost on me. Because it just bloody well isn’t. At all.

My blog, for those who are interested, and I’m sure you are manifold, has a number of chief interests. Belarus is one. Being silly is another. Well, that’s about it, really. But who am I to complain when blogging acts as a combination of Friends Reunited, JDate, GayRomeo and everything else?

Anyway… Where was I? I really should drink less. If I took drugs, I should take fewer of those too. Perhaps I should START to take drugs… Oh yes, Belarus. Well, I have an excuse to link to a marvellous Belarusian site. Wait! WAIT! Before you switch off in droves and click over to… erm… somewhere else, this one’s got something for those of you not as consumed with things Belarusian as I am. The blog in question is (the award-winning, incidentally) br23. It is the virtual home of a Belarusian in the Czech Republic who blogs in two languages about things Belarusian but not only. And this is where those strands can nicely come together. I’ve got a feeling that four of you blogger pals – actually, I’m not sure about you, B., but I did see Czech on your site once – have some psychic connection with the Czech Republic. So, in a unifying, bloggers-reunited mood of my own, imagine how happy I was when I saw a Czech song in all its glory over at br23. Now my Czech’s not up to much, but I see plenty of words redolent of the torment of a Slavic soul. I’ve got a feeling there are stony hearts, rainclouds, nights, evenings, windows, flowers, death… the works, короче. So get over there and listen. And then leave me some comments telling me how much you love me.



1. Anonymous - April 6, 2006

Can I dare to make a conclusion that you liked the song? ;)


2. Bowleserised - April 6, 2006

Sadly I was only pretending to know Czech…

3. leon - April 6, 2006

Excellent. My knowledge of Slavic songs is a bit lacking, really, though I do have a tendency to start singing ‘Katyusha’ in the shower.

4. daggi - April 6, 2006

What is “feck” in Czech ?

5. BiB - April 6, 2006

I did like the song.

Czech for feck, is, no doubt, fěčk.

Leon, I sing Katyusha and my repertoire of Polish songs, with fists thumped on tables and drones all round, the second I’m on the same premises as a bottle of vodka.

6. lukeski - April 7, 2006

feckless – zbytečný
feckless – neschopný
feckless – bezradný
feckless – nepraktický
feckless – slabý
feckless – bezvýsledný
feckless – neúčinný
feckless – nekvalifikovaný
feckless – nezodpovědný
fecklessness – neschopnost
fecklessness – bezradnost
fecklessness – nepraktičnost
fecklessness – bezvýslednost
fecklessness – neúčinnost
fecklessness – zbytečnost
fecklessness – nekvalifikovanost
fecklessness – neobratnost

Thanks to http://www.slovnik.cz

7. Bowleserised - April 7, 2006

Does that tell us something about the Czechs?

8. daggi - April 7, 2006

I was thinking more of this:

fuck – do prdele
fuck – do prdele (zaklení, vulg.)
fuck – vysrat se na (peníze ap., obsc.)
fuck – zašoustání (obsc.)
fuck – šoustání (obsc.)
fuck – šoustat (obsc.)
fuck – hergot
fuck – hergot (zaklení, vulg.)
fuck – hovno (nic, vulg.)
fuck – ošoustat (obsc.)
fuck – šoustat
fuck – přeříznout (obsc.)
fuck – zašoustání
fuck – vysrat se

I’m pleased to see that even some Czech translations of “fuck” are obscene and vulgar. But what about those that aren’t? May I use them in the presence of my 107-year old Czech great-great-grandmother with gusto?

9. BiB - April 8, 2006

Daggi, have you really got a 107-y-o Czech g-g-grandmother? You ARE international. Must hergot be Herr Gott? Lukeski, do you have access to a Czech? I’m glad your study seems to be coming on in leaps and bounds. By the way, Daggi, one of the non-vulgar fucks, the vysrat se, means – this is a guess, from Russian – to shit out (can’t work out why it’s reflexive) so that’s pretty vulgar. And obscene. Praprababička might well be shocked.

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