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Big and orange and… April 4, 2006

Posted by BiB in Uncategorized.
D for you.

Now don’t get me wrong. I like poetry as much as the next middle-aged, skint, ex-pat homosexual.

I had a flashback, as I tucked into my pumpkin soup, of a Sunday afternoon with a guest back in London in 1999. It was a rich phase, and the ex and I had a room big enough for all three of us to have our own piece of furniture. (If we’re not à table in this flat, we have to sit in a row, as if at a lecture.) The ex was perhaps lounging nicely, biting his nails and thinking about how soon he could decently go to sleep. I sat, perhaps nicely, perhaps fretting that I ought to be providing tea and nibbles. The guest had fished a “Poems on the Underground” collection off a shelf so she could continue excoriating a certain type of shit poem. She browsed ardently. I looked on, hostlily, waiting for my cue for when to join in with sympathetic disgust and righteous haughtiness. She suddenly let out a noise combining the emotions of finally having decided to go through with a suicide attempt, mystified perplexity and the disdain of the nation at the latest horror news story on the front page of The Star.

“Have you got to the one about chocolate cake?” “Yes,” she yelled back, demanding sympathy and flailing for cognitive guidance. Hopefully the word ‘cunt’, or some of its derivatives, was then mouthed by all three of us.

Anyway, presuming the author of the chocolate cake masterpiece had been inspired by, well, a piece of chocolate cake – sadly, I can’t find a link – and as I’m struggling for blog-fodder and as I haven’t got the time to come up with my usual wonderful prose, a quick poem, in the style of the one – it might be called something deep and unchocolatey, which explains why I can’t find a link – about Chocolate Cake, in praise of soup.

Soup. Pumpkin soup. It is big and orange and g
d for you. I really like it. A lot, ‘cos it tastes nice. And it reminds me of Hallowe’en, and toffee and money. And it has bits of chicken in it, but we didn’t worry about bird ‘flu, because we love each other. Soup. Of pumpkin. Pumpkin SOUP! It’s great.

I might need to rework it slightly, but this is the first draft. I think once I get in some references to nature, Ancient Greece and the Bible, it’ll be perfect.



1. BiB - April 5, 2006

Yes, perhaps the work-induced descent into madness has accelerated.

2. Wyndham - April 5, 2006

I’ve been wracking my brains trying to think of a comment to leave that would be any
but I can’t because I have no idea what you’re talking about.

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