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Klikkaa tästä March 31, 2006

Posted by BiB in Uncategorized.
No, not Finnish for clicktastic. But close. It’s for click here.

Just when I was thinking there was no saving a Friday evening fraught with worries about tomorrow’s guests, work, an absence of fun and perhaps even the prospect of no alcohol, the BBC and Finland have come to the rescue. I was studiously ignoring my work, blog-zapping and half-heartedly being irritated by the World Service’s Europe Today programme and wondering if the Danish gent talking about rebranding Denmark after the cartoon drama was as handsome as he sounded when all of a sudden, my ears pricked at a hail of rolled rs and, otherwise, a shortage of consonants. Finns? “Thank you, world, for creating Finland,” I would have cried out, if I’d thought of it at the time. And not just a story about Finns drinking or being good at school or having the longest palindrome but Finns and humour!

“Elokuva ihmiskunnan keisarista maailmankaikkeuden rajamailla,” belted out a gruff, manly voice, gagging for a drink. Without any prompting, I can précis that this piece of humour is, then, “An epic film about the emperor of the world in the far reaches of the galaxy.” Yep, the Finns – chiefly, five unemployed folk and students – have gone and made Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning, a Star-Trek piss-take, which, if I know my Finns, should be full of wonderful, self-deprecating humour and sonorous utterances. And all for an apple and two eggs, or whatever that German expression is. Go and download it for free. And fall in love with Finland, if you haven’t already. You certainly ought to have.

Hell, there’s even a blog

UPDATE: Moral of the story: watch film before recommending it further. Perhaps don’t bother after all.



1. daggi - March 31, 2006

There’s a month of Finnish films at Kino Arsenal in April…

And it’s Russenwoche next week at the Volksbühne.

2. BiB - March 31, 2006

Daggi, thanks for the tips. I don’t think Kaurismäki will be quaking in his boots just yet at the thought of losing his Best-Finnish-director mantle, at least not to the people who made the pants I’ve just watched. Hopefully Kino Arsenal might have some corkers. I’m not sure I’ve seen any Finnish film that WASN’T by Kaurismäki, come to think of it. Time to branch out, perhaps.

Zamiatin’s We, back on the Russian front, is a corker, in case you don’t know it, but I see it’s being done by some Jugendtheater, which instanly made my enthusiasm wane slightly. But you never know…

3. Bowleserised - April 2, 2006

I wonder how the spam software made the connection with Finnish films?

4. daggi - April 2, 2006

A “Finland”/ “Sweden” confusion, presumably.

5. BiB - April 2, 2006

I normally delete the spam, but as he’s heralded further comments, I think he only deserves his valueless free advertising spot.

Daggi, yes, his porn-compass must have gone haywire somewhere in Ostrobothnia.

6. BiB - April 3, 2006

Actually, decided it’s go to go anyway. Better not encourage spamming.

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