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С днём рождения! March 24, 2006

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Ищу уже три часа примерно клип песни Крокодила Гены. Хотел так поздравить Русскую службу Би-Би-Си со днём рождения. 60 лет уже Би-Би-Си вещает на русском языке. Служба была мне дорога тогда, когда жил в Питере. До сих пор является хорошим источником нейтральных новостей и интересных передач. Молодцы. Поздравляю.


1. patroclus - March 27, 2006

Erm…crocodile…BBC…60 years…

The BBC hasn’t shown Crocodile Dundee for 60 years?

My Russian’s not what it was.

2. BiB - March 28, 2006

It was an (utterly failed) attempt by me, by the magic of Cyrillic, to tempt readers from the east herewards. Fell flat as a pancake. BUT, you’re half way there. The BBC’s Russian Service turned 60, so I was wishing them many happy returns, which I’m sure they were chuffed to bollocks about. Crocodile Gena is this famous children’s literature character, and he and his friend Cheburashka, a big-eared, vaguely teddy-bear-like creature, do children’s-literature-like things together. (And Gena has a job at the zoo, as a crocodile.) Anyway, there’s a very nice Crocodile Gena birthday song – “…unfortunately your birthday only comes once a year…” – which I have seen a video version of, but could I find the bastard? Could I buggery!

Still no confirmed sightings of Wyndham?

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