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Skulduggery before bedtime March 23, 2006

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A nice round-up of the results from Belarusian voting in Prague from Belarusian star-blogger br23. I’ve looked frantically for equally precise figures from Berlin but can’t find them. Berlin exit-polls, as I’ve stated before, showed 72.5% in favour of Milinkevich. I know exit-polls are an imprecise science, but Prague events seem to be a succinct microcosm of these elections as a whole. Which is not to say that Milinkevich would be as popular in Belarus as he would be among Belarusians in the Czech Republic or that Lukashenka would be as disliked in Belarus as he is amongst the diaspora, of course, but the skulduggery does rather leap out at you.

The blogger who’s been reporting from the renamed (at least by the opposition) Kastuś Kalinoŭski Square reflects on his days there. It’s a mix of despondency – because numbers have dwindled – and hope for the future, seeing this as the start of something new in Belarus. I share that hope. This type of protest is new for Belarus. It’s being compared to the ‘Ukraine without Kuchma’ protests in some quarters (and by the blogger himself) which ultimately failed to bring Kuchma down but laid the groundwork for the big push later on. Hopefully there won’t be a paltry turnout on Saturday for the protest to coincide with the declaration of independence of the Belarusian National Republic in 1918, the first ‘modern’ Belarusian state. We live in hope. Жыве Беларусь!



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