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Cuban Belarusian friendship March 22, 2006

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The unbearably dry Interfaks cheers us all up with news of Fidel’s hearty congratulations to Sasha on his resounding victory in the Belarusian presidential election – no need for capitals – and invites him to Havana for a bit of a jaunt and a good old smoke.

Update: in further good news, that beacon of democratic values and ultimate loser of Ukraine’s, shall we say, revised Presidential Election, Viktor Yanukovich, has also given Sasha a telegrammic pat on the back. More good news eagerly awaited. As soon as the euphoria surrounding the latest tractor harvest in Pyongyang is out of the way, we should be able to expect rousing words, and maybe even a bit of a slogan, from Kim Jong-il.

Update 2: Sasha could be away for some time if he takes up all the invitations he’s getting from the world’s outposts of parallel reality. Turns out cuddly old Mahmoud wants him to pop over too. They could have fun drawing new maps of their parallel universes. Mahmoud could have one without Israel, and Sasha could nicely erase the border between Russia and his own new Russian province. Damn, if only those pesky bits of Poland and Lithuania didn’t block a clear path to Kaliningrad…



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