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It’s the economy, stupid! March 20, 2006

Posted by BiB in Uncategorized.

Democracy just costs too much. If these elections had gone to a second round, it would have cost another 20 billion Belarusian bunnies
($10 million), and how could Lukashenka otherwise ensure that the people lived in such stability and prosperity? Hail the great leader! Hail his abstemiousness! Hip, hip! (Pass the prozac.)


1. BerlinBear - March 20, 2006

Hi BiB,

Sorry for prolonged absence. And sorry in advance that this question is completely off topic, but has Blognor Regis died a death? the link appears to lead to a blank page. The link hasn’t changed, and it’s worked for me before. Has that blogger deleted his blog?

2. BiB - March 20, 2006

Cor blimey. I won’t believe it. His is such a nurtured and cherished blog. Hopefully it’s just some blip. I’ve written to him and asked, but hopefully it’ll spring back into life all of its own accord. I’ll let you know when I hear something.

So, you getting hitched or what?

3. BiB - March 21, 2006

It all seems to be back up and running (or cycling) again.

4. BerlinBear - March 21, 2006

Thanks. Was wondering. And yeah, I am getting hitched. What made you ask? Because of the Antwerp thing?

5. BiB - March 22, 2006

Genau, genau. A gazillion congratulations. Please don’t ask me to be best man. (Unlikely, I know.)

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