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A good turnout March 20, 2006

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And I don’t mean to the elections themselves. The large crowds that turned up in central Minsk in support of the opposition were the first piece of good news of the day. The elements were against the protesters, though, and let’s hope they don’t fall at the first hurdle and DO come back and protest further tomorrow evening. This feed coming right from the square kept us bang up to date and, although my heart sank when people moving away from the square was announced, it ends on a high note. If they can grab the imagination of more and more of their countrymen, this could grow and grow. And you’ve got to hope preliminary figures of almost 90% of votes for Lukashenka will spur a few more disgusted folk into action.



1. lukeski - March 20, 2006

Top two tracks for last night/today:

The Wailers: Get Up Stand Up
Public Enemy: Fight The Power

2. BiB - March 20, 2006

Indeed, but I’m beginning to sink into an inevitable post-Lukashenka-election gloom. Last time I couldn’t give it free rein as September 11th came straight afterwards so my thoughts became tied up in that instead. Maybe my spirits will be raised again this evening if people come out and protest. They were, at least to me, surprisingly large last night, and it’s a shame they weren’t better organised. But there’s always this nagging doubt at the back of your mind – even though I’m confident that there was massive skulduggery – that maybe most Belarusians just don’t give a fuck and are perfectly happy with the fuckwit Lukashenka. I long to be disabused on that front.

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