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Elections shmelections March 19, 2006

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Well, they’re over. Sterling (and ongoing) updates from Акавiта, БелаПан and from blogger Andrei Khrapavitski. Exit-poll figures have been as fanciful as you’d expect them to be, with Lukashenka’s share of the vote hovering consistently around the 83% mark. One alternative exit-poll, quoted on Радыё Свабода, which I’m listening to like mad (and getting free Belarusian lessons into the bargain), on the aforementioned blog and on Хартыя’97 (hacked like nobody’s business all day long, they say), carried out by Russian NGO Levada Centre, give Lukashenka about 47% and Milinkevich (whose site has allegedly also been hacked) (seemingly to death) about 25%, which, if true, would mean a second round of voting were necessary.

So dirty tricks have been the order of the day. Sites hacked. Scare tactics including sending SMSes warning people not to protest this evening (some thousands have already gathered). And the figures speak for themselves. Milinkevich has behaved in an exemplary fashion throughout this campaign. Let’s see how he’ll be as a leader of the opposition now that the (initial) vote is over. As he pointed out when he voted – nice to compare press footage of him and Lukashenka voting. They cut such different figures – the call to protest is not with revolution in mind, but to discuss the way these elections have been conducted. Electoral Commission stooge Yarmoshyna is already quoting voting figures of above 90% for Lukashenka, which is an egregious snub to truth.

But we live in hope…



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