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Tips, please March 17, 2006

Posted by BiB in Uncategorized.
Cor, friendship, eh? As I say, I’ve very kindly been asked to blogsit over at Bren’s place, which I think says much for the wonders of blogdom that two people of pretty different world views have hit it off through the ether. He’s a religious Christian, just leaving Israel for a job on the other side of the world. I’m not religious. Actually, that’s the only big difference, and I’m long past the age where I think another person’s views being different to my own preclude friendship. Well, but as for him being Australian…

Anyway, technical advice, please. If I want to blog chez lui, how do I make the post not end with ‘posted by Bren’ as my first humble offering does? Do I have to turn myself into a team member? Gosh it feels naughty snooping around someone else’s virtual home. But nice.

BREAKING NEWS Don’t panic everyone. I’m sure thousands, maybe even millions, of people are hurriedly writing me tip-comments AT THIS VERY SECOND, but delete them all immediately. I’ve worked out how to become a team member – I’ll be able to put it on my CV – and I can now blog as me chez Bren with gay abandon. By the way, is it because my computer is struggling to cope with being two bloggers at once, or has blogger got BSE today? It keeps telling me, “There were errors”. Oh, don’t I know it, blogger. Don’t I just flipping well know it…



1. Amy - March 18, 2006

Blogger had lots of errors on my blog yesterday and then seemingly resolved them over night because everything I tried to blog that I couldn’t is now there, making it decidedly untidy…

2. BiB - March 18, 2006

Amy, thank you for stopping by. It makes my day. You are young and full of joie de vivre. I hope I don’t infect you with the carpings of a bitter and twisted old queen.

I might have some more technical questions now that I’m feeling brave after managing to make myself a team member on someone else’s blog. I’m thinking something has to be done about this template. It’s all cluttered. Look at all that lovely spare space on the right and left. What a waste! I could house some refugee bloggers in there, or put pretty pictures there, or something. Maybe I’ll work it out by 2009.

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