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Girls, girls! March 8, 2006

Posted by BiB in Uncategorized.
Get your glad rags on (although admittedly it’s a bit early). We’re goin’ dancin’. As any of you with any connection to Russia (or the rest of the formerly commie bits of Europe) will know, today is March 8th. OK, everyone else knows that too, unless you live in flagrant ignorance of the calendar (or by another one, of course). But any Russian baba worth her salt – and they’re all worth their salt – knows that March 8th is International Women’s Day (and thankfully this is a late arrival on the holiday front so no calendric dissonance here and it isn’t oddly called The Great February Women’s Day or something like that po-russki), when Russian ladies are overwhelmed with floral offerings and total puke chocolate. (God, I just fancy some total puke chocolate.) It is also, I was once (un)reliably informed, one of the two days of the year when a Russian gent does the washing up, the other being the woman-of-the-house’s birthday. Any Eastern Bloc damsels born on March 8th must for ever be cursing their ill fortune. I’ve already ‘congratulated’ every lady with a Slavic sinew I know. I might even get a tipsy SMS from my mother-in-law later on, flush on shampanskoe and, hopefully, being flirted with by all the men she meets today. Hurrah for crap holidays. (I never really felt I was entitled to wallow in pride on the Russian male equivalent – February 23rd – Defenders of the Fatherland Day, though I probably scoffed my choc, if I got any, proudly enough.)

I’m short on blog-juice these days. Work dictates. But I still like to do my daily (and nightly) trawls. And I see the old disenfranchised bookseller is up to his giveaway tricks again. He’s just too generous for his own good, and he’ll even post to Europe and beyond. No wonder he’s disenfranchised. He’s probably posted it to someone in Cochabamba…



1. Bowleserised - March 8, 2006

This washing up thing is one of the many things that has made me very glad I didn’t accept the proposal from the Russian ex. “Look Bowleserised-oshka, I did the dishes! With my hands! They didn’t dissolve on contact with the water! And have some crap chocolate too! And a Ukranian folk biro!” [don’t ask about the latter. Please]
Not even the prospect of a great surname, never contributing to a mortgage and babies with high cheek bones makes up for daily dish washing. Nyet.

2. leon - March 8, 2006

Is the Ukranian folk biro anything like a Russian drafting pencil? (Amazing what you can find on the Internet).

3. daggi - March 8, 2006

I suspect it’s a tube of wood painted made to look like a Matroyshka (or however it’s spelt) with the inside of a Bic stuck in it.

Und eine frohe internationaler Kampftag der arbeitenden Frauen to you too!

4. Bowleserised - March 9, 2006

Daggi – that is almost uncanny. It was in fact a little wooden Ukranian man plus hat and flip-out penis. All in the Ukranian national colours.
My Russki ex-boyfriend. He spoil me.

5. BiB - March 9, 2006

What, was even the willy blue and yellow?

Leon, I want your job. I see you in an overheated office, drifting in and out of consciousness in a musty corner, occasionally doing a bit of a random surf. You must have awful RSI!

B., sometimes I’ve thought of marrying for the fab surname too, although I don’t know if we shirtlifters do the name-changing thang. I suppose it’s too early for there to be a decent precedent, or tradition. And then does gay marriage count in Germany, quite? My own surname is extraordinarily wank, and unpronounceable in a slightly ludicrous way (not because of exoticism, you understand, just stupidity, and a spelling mistake on a birth certificate a generation or so back that was deferentially adhered to). I like the idea of getting some Slavic blood into the family gene pool too, but, alas, nature has thwarted that one. (Could always palm him off on sister, I suppose.)

6. Bowleserised - March 9, 2006

BiB – It’s been a while (oddly enough) since I last looked at the folk biro, but in my memory it is indeed yellow and blue. The tip was blue, and the rest yellow. [insert joke about “not seen to many of those about” here]

Do you have gay marriage here yet? The British stuff was so exciting that I have no idea about the continent. And the best way to do the surname change is to keep your own, but trot out your husband’s whenever you feel like an identity change. “Mrs” can sound quite mysterious twinned with something Slavic.
Although you poor boys only get to choose “Mr”, of course. Shame.

7. leon - March 9, 2006

In honour of International Women’s Day I took some flowers – tulips, since you ask – home last night as we do have a girl in the house (in fairness, we needed some new ones for the kitchen table anyway). This morning my hands appear to be covered in hives. That’s the last time I make any selfless floral gestures!

[bib] That almost exactly describes my current job, right down to the sick-building-syndrome levels of musty heat.

8. BiB - March 9, 2006

Daggi, I demand an explanation as to why Leon is single. Perhaps you can give us an angle on this. All he ever does is cook clafoutis and buy flowers (I especially adore tulips. Were they white?). If you/he were a woofter, you/he’d be snapped up in a second.

B., phew, I thought for a sec you were going to say it was striped! (Don’t know about gay marriage here, really. Something or other exists, and folk do call it Homoehe, which sounds fairly serious.)

9. leon - March 10, 2006

I always pick the wrong women, for one thing. Plus my hands are now covered in hives, of course (they haven’t gone down fully yet). People were actually edging away from me on the Tube.

The tulips were purple.

10. BiB - March 10, 2006

But why doesn’t the right one come and pick you, or have we reverted to the old days where only the male does the approaching? How chivalrous!

Bad luck with the hives. I had to do a google image search to get a better picture. Ouch!

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