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Taivas on sininen ja kultainen… February 26, 2006

Posted by BiB in Uncategorized.
…well, it is over Turin, anyway. Bugger. And there was even concord in the Bib household. We were both longing for the Finns to win. What I’m sure will be a great consolation, though, is that as the medals were being handed out to the gloomy-looking Finns and the jubilant-looking Swedes, both the Russian and I agreed that the Finnish team was far the better-looking, so ten out of ten to them for that reason alone.

Well, that’s the Olympic spectacle over for another two years (apart from the closing ceremony, which is apparently going to feature not just Avril Lavigne but also Ricky Martin. Imagine!). The biathlon and cross-country skiing events have been right up my alley, as has the ice-hockey, belatedly. Partly because ice-hockey-ists are so good at ice-hockey. I mean, I know it’s their job ‘n all, but they seem better at ice-hockey than footballers are at football, say. And there are no boring bits, and it’s fast, and their skills are marvellous. (And they never fall over and wear ridiculous costumes – well, not that ridiculous – or attempt triple salchows. Those ice-dancers are just asking for trouble.)

Well, the Finns go home without a single gold. The Brits go home with a single silver. And the Germans come home laden with all sorts of booty. I shall look forward to Vancouver in four years’ time. Gimme the nice-sized Winter Olympics over the ludicrously overstretched Summer version any day of the week or, rather, any other year of the calendar.


1. Paul - February 27, 2006

It was great, the whole Winter Olympics, and much more fun than the summer version. But does anyone have a clue what the closing ceremony was all about?

2. Mark Holland - February 28, 2006

Well, the Finns go home without a single gold.

Amazing isn’t it?

the Russian and I agreed that the Finnish team was far the better-looking

LOL!! As it happens I agree. The Swedes were all a bit hairy and sweaty. Perhaps that why they won.

3. BiB - March 2, 2006

Yes, no doubt there’s great soul-searching going on in Finland. Or they’ve got on with quietly making mobiles instead…

And yes, that closing ceremony was too queer. I only paid it scant attention, but each time I did look up, Roberto Benigni was running around with a bunch of flowers. Too odd.

4. Anonymous - March 9, 2006

Thank´s for being on our side! The whole nation mourned here – you should experience it once… The final had a record number of tv spectators: 2,4 million, which means practically all Finns were watching. Thank´s for sympathies. Watch for the next tournament…

5. BiB - March 9, 2006

I will, I will, and hopefully I’ll be able to sing Taivas on sininen ja VALKOINEN nice and loud next time! But, again, quadruple perkele that they lost…

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