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Еўрапейскае Радыё для Беларусі February 16, 2006

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You’d think, if you flicked on to Еўрапейскае Радыё для Беларусі, as I’m sure many of you probably might, easily, that there wasn’t a country to save. Honestly. I crank it up, expecting to be regaled with 3-hour lectures on how it is our civic responsibility to do away with the last dictatorship in Europe and what do I get? The Bee Gees! Surely you mean BG? No, not the БелГазета or even the Беларуская (сацыял-дэмакратычная партыя) Грамада. No, the flipping brothers Gibb. (And I don’t even think it was Stayin’ Alive. Or Tragedy.) Still, today is the 16th of the month and, in spite of a rash of corkingly good, bloggable stories on the front page of the beeb – David Irving, Haiti (is there anywhere on earth you’d less like to live?), various grimmery from Iraq, Somalis literally dying of thirst – I’m going to stick with Belarus. Well, there’s only one more solidarity day before we can hope for a miracle in March so light your candles and yearn as hard as you can – positively strain those yearning sinews – for Lukashenka’s demise.


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