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Sport, cars and the DDR February 10, 2006

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Perhaps in the wimpish knowledge that I’m in for an unsexy weekend of translation with few windows for fun, a bit of light, blokish bloggage to keep me entertained.

Well, it’s a veritable sportathon of an evening in the making. The penalties in the final of the African Cup of Nations have just got underway and I’m reliably informed by the monotone Eurosport commentators that we’ll be dashing straight over to Turin for the Olympic opening ceremony the second one team has covered themselves in glory in Cairo.

Now over on the south coast, Herr Holland is using the occasion of the Winter Olympics and Britain’s likelihood of only winning medals awarded 80 years too late to dare cast a shadow over some of the DDR’s humble sporting achievements. So what if Marita Koch still holds the world record for 400m and so what if that record has stood since 1903 and so what if it’s faster than the men’s record by a good minute and a half? And what if she has a slight hormonal imbalance and a full beard? This is just envy from those caustic Brits at their empire going to pot and them not having had a moment of sporting glory since we Commies put on a good show for them in Moscow in 1980 and made sure none of those other Westerners turned up. We invaded Afghanistan for you, England! Don’t you understand?

And why bring our lovely Trabi into it?

Aber, while I’m on, and while we’re on cars, IHMN did once declare, where I declared a Trabiliebe that she – if indeed she is a she; it’s all a bit of a mystery, the IHMN-Identität – was a fan of the Invacar, and I enthused, I now think wrongly, that there was a no-doubt Ossi Invacar on the very street where I live. Well, on a bit of further research, i.e. I walked past it today, it turns out the car is a Ligier Prima, and might have nothing to do with invalidity at all. And is, presumably, French. Anyway, here’s a snap of one. Pretty fucking snazzy, eh?

OK, enough of pretending to be a het. Well done Egypt on winning a not-that-exciting final on penalties. And well done Slovakia on having the best-looking flag-bearer in the rather-more-interesting Olympic opening ceremony. I can just sense that the curlers are going to do it for us again…


1. Mark Holland - February 10, 2006

Great stuff BIB.

Sadly my distant cousin wasn’t able to go to the Moscow Olympics as New Zealand boycotted. Perhaps Seb Coe and Steve Ovett should have had a crack at rowing too?

2. daggi - February 10, 2006

I think it is an “invalids’ car” – in this case the “10” stickers would suggest it can’t go any faster than 10km/h.

3. BiB - February 11, 2006

Mark, I liked this quote, “Maybe Duncan’s a bit more vocal and can get stuck in sometimes,” from Tom James, Cambridge and GB oarsman (and total babe). Do I detect something of a trait on a male chromosome in the Holland genes here? Hurrah for genetics and traits surviving all the way to NZ. (Lucky man, by the way. Fantastic country.)

Daggi, I’m a bit disappointed with the Ligier Prima when compared to the Invacar. I mean, it looks like a Lamborghini Countache in comparison, practically. Nicht wahr? Although the one in the snap is in remarkably good condition and would look a bit more humble in the flesh, vielleicht.

4. matt - March 1, 2006

Whats up with the Tenn license tag? That thing would be eaten in Nashville

5. BiB - March 1, 2006

Yes, I presume it’s not the speediest car in the state…

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