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They think it’s all over… January 7, 2006

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…it is now. Well, sort of. Pretty much. No, sillies, not this blog, which I have thought of frantically every moment I’ve been knocking back another drink and swinging my slightly arthritic mid-30s hips to whatever songs it is that 30-somethings play at festive parties. (Regardless of age, sex, class, nationality, religion, some Abba hit or other always seems to get an airing.) No, now, on January 7th, I think I can finally declare the festivities over. The Russian has racked his brain to remember if today or yesterday, or both, are technically Christmas in Russia, but I think that lack of knowledge says all you need to know about how much it’s going to be celebrated in this house. (I even flirted with the idea of sneaking in a quick Orthodox service somewhere but our last guest’s shrieks of horror and the understanding that it would be a good 45-minute public transport sesh soon had that idea in abeyance.) Anyway, the guests have all gone, the excuses for pretending I can’t work have dried up, but at least that means I can get back down to some serious bloggage.

Very belatedly, as the rest of you are already no doubt planning how to spend your Easter holidays or thinking of this year’s Christmas presents, let me tell you the predictions I heard at the rather groovy New Year’s party I went to.

Prediction number one, told to me by an Iranian journalist, was that Israel would attack Iran’s nuclear facilities (and that all hell could thus break loose).

Prediction number two, told to me by a random German guest, was that England would win the World Cup. (Perhaps he was just being hostly.)

Prediction number three, told to you by me, is that had our last guest not left earlier today, I would have died of liver cirrhosis within the week. In spite the abuse, though, having guests has been bliss. The Russians say the year continues as it starts – starting as you mean to go on, I suppose – and, if so, I say, ‘Roll on the rest of 2006.’

Orthodox good wishes to one and all…



1. lukeski - January 7, 2006

S novym godom, Dezik… Alcoholic self-abuse is most agreeable. I have ecided to take a month (at least) off the booze. I was physically sick for the first time in a number of years in the very early hours of New Year’s Day. I am sure it was the 1/2 glass of shampoo I had at midnight or so. So, 6 days in, and I can’t say that I feel dramtically different.

2. BiB - January 7, 2006

Yes, when I flirt with full-time abstinence from booze and fags, I always hope for earth-shatteringly sudden results, but mostly feel just as ropey as ever. I’ve got a feeling hangovers might have as much to do with tiredness or getting some aspect of sleeping wrong as consuming inordinate amounts of booze. Which is an alcoholic’s logic, obviously.

Did you have to bunk off the second half of your gig if you were ill on New Year’s morning?–>

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