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Live-blogging Christmas December 25, 2005

Posted by BiB in Uncategorized.

…ok, that was a joke. Although, now that the big day is upon us – and may I wish everyone a fantastically Happy Christmas – I have accidentally belatedly got into the spirit of things and am thinking I should start draping fairy-lights on the balcony, as the natives do. I fatally switched on the TV and have been half-gripped by, of all things, the Pope doing his thang. He’s chanting away next to me as I type. Of course, with ‘our’ German Pope, the midnight mass is being shown on every regional German channel I have (but maybe it’s televised every year) – a lot – with very clever translators being able to deal with the gazillions of different languages being used in the service. All quite a spectacle, although Ratzi looks like he wouldn’t mind going to bed. He is 112, after all. (Mind you, as impressive a spectacle as it all is, I don’t think I’ll be charging for the doors of a Catholic church if I do ever discover religion. Can’t compete with Orthodoxy as far as I’m concerned.)

Well, in this multikulti household, the presents are done on New Year’s Eve, so I can’t have the vicarious pleasure tomorrow of thinking I’ll be having exactly the same day as the rest of you. No, just me and the Russian and no new jumpers, socks and gloves, but we’ve got a bird, so we’ll do our best.

Cheer and good will to you all…


1. Bren - December 25, 2005

There are lots of Orthodox churches in Jerusalem.

A friend of mine is Armenian. We went to the Church of St. James (brother of the big JC) where, apparently, James’ head is kept and buried.

I was shown the little nook, under which lies James’ head. I suggested to my friend, at that time rather secular, that perhaps out of archeological interest, we should dig up said head and see what’s there.

And then he was so mad I thought he was going to kill me. I haven’t been invited back to St. James since. Don’t know why.

Them Orthodoxies are weird.

2. Bren - December 25, 2005

Oh. Merry Christmas, by the way.

3. BerlinBear - December 25, 2005

A very merry gift-less Christmas to you BiB! Have a nice day. Stop live-blogging and get out and enjoy the sunshine. You *know* it’s not going to last!

4. Mark Holland - December 26, 2005

Happy Christmas.

I hope you found your way around the bird alright.

5. Blonde at Heart - September 19, 2006

Among my close friends the Pope is known as “Nazinger” (he was in the Wehrmacht, you know). But I guess he is more popular now, since he told the Muslims the truth in the face. A rabbi wrote to some newspaper praising him.
Strange times.

6. BiB - September 19, 2006

Flipping blogger. Have just lost a comment…

Yes, perhaps an ill choice of quotation, diplomatically speaking, but a ludicrously overblown reaction to it.

The Pope (and his family) have fairly solid anti-Nazi credentials, I believe. He became a Hitler Youth member aged 14, but there was no way round that in those days. There hasn’t been nearly as much scandal about his Nazi past as there has about Günter Grass’s.

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