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Well-orchestrated promotion December 22, 2005

Posted by BiB in Uncategorized.

I’m always happy to be the victim of a nicely well-orchestrated bit of selling. I am delighted when I discover I am consumed by some trend in common with a good chunk of the rest of the population. It makes me think I’m normal. Like everyone else. And I have no interest in standing out from the crowd (although I was perfectly happy, I must say, to be the only person I encountered on the street yesterday without a leathery tan on December 21st)(those Sonnenstudios do a roaring trade).

Now I’m not that much of a pop fan. My finger never lingers from zapping onwards when I come to Viva on a routine scroll through the channels. Except recently it has started to linger. For the last however long, Viva only seems to have been playing one song, “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt. Then I saw him on telly somewhere on some American show and eventually I got the subliminal message being hammered at me from every angle that I should do something about this enjoyment of the song and dashed to his website. Incidentally, he sang even more lovelily live on the American show than he does recorded with lovely changes of pitch, or timbre, or octave, or whatever it’s called in songese. For the sake of a drop of constructive criticism, I think he could perhaps do with outsourcing the lyric-writing. (Maybe he already does.) And couldn’t he have a haircut and get a good meal inside him? Or has male beauty now adopted scrawn as the de rigueur look too? Anyway, it’s a lovely song, and what a nice thought to think Mr. Blunt was not blinded to beauty in the fog of war.

And I’ve fallen hook, line and sinker for Nizlopi, as I rightly should have. I’m sure a blogger – it must have been a blogger – alerted me to it what seems like months ago and I loved it and forgot it. But the love has been revived, well-orchestrated-ly. Constructive criticism moment: why the faux Estuary English? Aren’t the gentlemen from Royal Leamington Spa? But it’s lovely. And singy. And of course makes me think of my wonderful 3-year-old nephew, who I know is going to loathe school, who loves his digger and whose father does an equally manly job to the Bruce Lee dad. (Don’t think he’s got a JCB, but I know he’s got a gurt big tractor.)

Anyway, that’s my youthful concessions to the Christmas season over and done with. Back to Radio 4 and some stuffy old Schubert from now on…


1. Wyndham the Triffid - December 22, 2005

James Blunt and Nizlopi? I should get a bit confrontational here but because it’s Christmas, Bib, I shall let you off.

2. BiB - December 22, 2005

Oh dear, has middle age made me go disgracefully soppy? The trouble with living in a tiny bit of a bubble is that you lose all touch with what it’s acceptable to like/not like. But Nizlopi is clearly better than Cliff Richard’s usual Christmas tripe, isn’t it? Or is Cliff now ‘in’?

Hope you manage to have a suitably non-celebratory New Year. Still haven’t worked how I’m going to get to stay indoors and be in bed by 11. I fear having to go out and pretending to enjoy the company of strangers might be the order of the night as far as I’m concerned. Woe is me. (Although my friend coming is actually a joy.)

Please feel free to be as confrontational as you like in your comments. But, in the festive spirit, may I wish you my first blogging Top Yule of the season…

3. I hate my neighbours - December 23, 2005

To avoid being confrontational re. Mr. Blunt (I’d never heard of Nizlopi before reading this post, and after seeing their site and clicking on their track “J.C.B”., I clicked it away pretty quickly) I won’t say anything nasty either.

4. BiB - December 23, 2005

All recommendations for what I should be listening to greatly appreciated. I can’t cope with rap and bling and slapping my bitch up.

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