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Euramost December 17, 2005

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I don’t know who runs Euramost, but their articles, especially if written from within Belarus, give cause for hope. (The site is in English too, but is more up-to-date in Russian/Belarusian.) The article linked to says Lukashenka’s choice of such an early election date shows he’s running (relatively) scared (maybe ambling scared) (and amusingly says that Lidzia Yarmoshyna, head of the Central Electoral Commission, should be nicknamed Lida 75%. Makes Misha look saintly in comparison). Well, the internet is pretty much the only source of information in Belarus that isn’t under Luka’s control – although RSF did call Belarus one of the world’s fifteen enemies of the internet – and so is, obviously, fantastically important. But the internet only reaches a certain sector of the population and, sadly, the sector that least needs convincing that Luka’s a bad thing. Well, the article says in the opposition’s favour that, apart from Lukashenka running scared, the early date means that any other random, oddball candidates are unlikely to be able to gather the bazillion signatures necessary in time so it could just be a two-way run-off on the big day. I’m all for pluralism, of course, but in the case of Belarus it would be better if there were as few opponents as possible for an uninitiated public to get its head round. Somehow, I’ve got a feeling Belarus’s equivalent of Pickfords won’t be moving the lorries in on March 20th next year to pack up Luka’s hockey sticks, hammers, sickles and farming GCSE certificates, but the signs aren’t all TOO gloomy.


1. Bren - December 17, 2005

Hi Broke, sorry I effectively ignored your comment on my blog about the whole relationship gizmo – all rather complicated, I’m afraid.

I’m happy to fill you in, if you want. If you have Skype, my username is erratus. Otherwise, e-mail me at erratus ‘AT’ gmail.com. Did you know that Israelis (in Hebrew) call ‘@,’ ‘strudel’?

And given that my blog’s name is erratus. And its web address is erratus, you’ll quickly find the length and extent of my creativity.

2. Broke in Berlin - December 20, 2005

I knew I’d forgotten something (in my e-mail). What the Israelis call strudel the Russians call dog. Dog! What the fuck? (Well, in Russian. Not English dog. Russian sobaka.) But WTF?

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