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Milinkevich site November 18, 2005

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A good move by the Belarusian opposition’s single candidate for next year’s presidential elections. Spadar Milinkevich needs whatever airing he can get, and in view of the fact that he’s unlikely to get much coverage on the Belarusian airwaves, this could be a valuable alternative. There sits Milinkevich, in his orange shirt, set against a providentially wispy sky. I so want to hope the Belarusian opposition have got a chance this time round. There’s the odd report that Lukashenka is less confident than in the past and is dissing the opposition left, right and centre so let’s hope that’s a sign that he thinks there’s something to them. A website should garner support among the young, and the site is much less stuffy than the President’s own, which I won’t bother linking to (and which doesn’t have a Belarusian language version). It may be a blip, but the Russian and English versions of the Milinkevich site don’t appear to be up and running, and it’s important – I admit through pursed lips – that the Russian version be accessible if Belarusians aren’t to click from the site straight to something else. Всяго самага найлепшага яму.


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