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Lukashenka v Milinkevich October 27, 2005

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I’m not sure how to read the candidates’ ratings in the opinion polls. On the face of it, it’s depressing. Just under half would vote for Lukashenka tomorrow, and a quarter for the opposition candidate. As the article points out, these are the figures compiled by an independent agency. Lukashenka’s administration’s own figures give him between 75% and 80%, corresponding to his normal tallies in his elehant (sic) victories. In any case, and putting to the back of my mind the unlevel playing field for now, this means that the Milinkevich camp clearly has to go for the undecideds and uninteresteds between now and next year. This depends on Milinkevich somehow getting noticed by the population at large – no easy task when he’ll have about as much media coverage as the Israeli song at the Eurovision Song Contest on a Lebanese TV channel… But it does mean under half the population supports Lukashenka. That is cause for some hope, at least.



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