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Berlin October 25, 2005

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I wonder if I secretly have a bit of a славянская душа. I see Chagall (English also available) had the right idea and only stayed in Berlin for a year. He must have understood that the city would smother his creativity. And although Nabokov stayed much longer, I’ve heard he couldn’t stick the place and never read a German book. (This is an awfully good resource for Russian literature, by the way, but reading online is hell.) Maybe it’s because I came to Berlin via St. Petersburg that I’ve found it so hard to settle here. Or maybe that’s nonsense. It could well be nonsense. In any case, my favourite Belarusian site is making me have a bit of a yearn for the East this morning. Or, if not quite the East, then at least Slavic Mitteleuropa. In many ways, it’s easy for an Englander to live in Berlin or Germany. The locals are cold, rational beasts, like the natives back on the island. And I have nothing against a bit of cold rationalism. But occasionally, it would be nice to have a bit of irrational passion in the equation… Anyway, I have promised myself that I must not think happiness and place are linked. That’s what everyone tells me. I could be as happy in Murashi as I could in any other village


1. lukeski - October 25, 2005

Dezik, the iront is, r course, that you moved from the least Slavic place in Slavdom to the least Teutonic plae in Deutschland, after living in the least English part of Ingerland. Pull yourself together boy. Remember, genetically, you are an Irish Celt (which in many ways is close to a Slav) – boundaries of Europe, oppression, love of taking a drink, delightfully maudlin music. Nothing like the Plastic Paddys springign up in Irish bars across the world. You do have a dusha, but it’s a didly-diddly dusha.

2. lukeski - October 25, 2005

Mnogo spelling mistakes – irony is, of course; place in Deutschland; springing; diddly-diddly

3. lukeski - October 25, 2005

Nad, of course, you have had far more success in Eurovion than any of the Slavs or Teutons or Mediterranean types.

4. Broke in Berlin - October 25, 2005

Yes, maybe I need to be in a bog-standard kind of place somewhere. Maybe I should live in Slovenia. My ex thought this was a good idea. Not Slovenia, specifically, just living in a place that was sort of nothingy, self-image wise. I’ve only lived in self-important places (apart from the couple of years in Staffordshire). Don’t remind me about the Celtic roots. I’m still trying to forget. Better have another drink…

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