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Funky Heebs October 23, 2005

Posted by BiB in Uncategorized.

I am fiendishly, spine-chillingly, breathtakingly busy at the moment, and I’ve pretended to myself that I have to be at the computer at the crack of dawn to get to work. But the truth is a little different. Yesterday, mid marathon-working-sesh, I understood all my Christmases had come at once and that 2005 was a very special year indeed. No, not because I’ve reached some milestone age, or because peace and lurve have broken out everywhere and we’re all going to live in perfect harmony for ever. No. This year has TWO Eurovision Song Contests (of sorts). And why I’m really at the computer so early is to look again at some of the clips I chuckled myself to sleep over last night.

Now there might well be a bit of judophilic bias here, but top hoots in my view are some of the Israeli entries. Go to this glorious Israeli Eurovision site and click (all in Hebrew, but let it be an IQ test) just to the left of the Athens 2006 link to bring up an ‘Israel in Eurovision’ window. And there, in all their glory, are all Israel’s entries, videos ‘n all. Personal favourites are 1978, when Israel won for the first time. The line-dancing and all-round funkiness are just heaven. The singer is clearly a crazed drug fiend, and his two male backing singers look just stoned. But look out for the slightly frumpy one of the three female backing singers. She has danced so hard her floral headgear seems to be falling out. And the song does every tempo: racy, slow and downright frantic. 1983’s pretty spesh for the costumes and line-dancing too, and I think that’s Ofra Haza doing the singing. I have a fantasy of going to some gay bar in Tel Aviv and seeing the blond male backing singer, now a bitter 40-something hardened alcoholic, propping up the bar and slurring, “I could have been somebody.” And who’s that in 1985? Not our 1978 champ again surely? 1998 provides more glory, of course, with Dana International. Enjoy. It beats work any morning…


1. Blonde at Heart - August 24, 2006

“The singer is clearly a crazed drug fiend, and his two male backing singers look just stoned.”

This is the best description of Izhar Cohen I heard in years.

Usually he is referred to as “the dark guy with the curls who won in the Eurovision” or “the guy who sings ‘Abaniby'”.

2. BiB - August 24, 2006


A great song. And the dancing makes me wet myself with laughter EVERY time. Fantastic.

But BAH, you can clear up the most important mystery of the 21st century for me. What HAS happened to Ping Pong?

3. Blonde at Heart - August 24, 2006

Since no one liked them in Israel, they were virtually announced enemies of the state, they vanished from the face of the earth, and not too soon, I would say. Their leading singer released another CD of strange songs, I think, but I am afraid it was not too sucessful. So, yeah, they vanished.

4. BiB - August 25, 2006

Damn, I never back the winner. The main singer being the one who was dyed blonde for the Eurovision? Do you know her name? She had such a sweet and lovely face. I can’t believe she’d be anyone’s enemy. I saw one more song of theirs – Burger Ranch – but nothing else.

5. Blonde at Heart - August 25, 2006

The leading singer is the bald guy. And no, I do not know any of their names.

6. BiB - August 25, 2006

Maybe they’re all computer technicians, lawyers and translators now, and have left the art world to struggle on without them…

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