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Dave De Hugard – Waltzing Matilda October 18, 2005

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I am in a particularly wistful mood today. I don’t know if this is from Gorby reminiscences – see earlier post – or because it’s a particularly beautiful, crisp autumnal early evening, or because I’ve got a massive fucking translation to do, but I suddenly had the urge to hear Waltzing Matilda, a song which I know virtually nothing about and hardly know any of the words to. But it had just the right level of romance to meet my mood. I dashed to google and was directed here. Turns out the song is based on an earlier Scottish one, which I shall track down. Click on the download icon on the right and prepare your hankie. Total, absolute, unadulterated bliss. Romance. Tragedy. Heaven, heaven, heaven. When I’m eventually invited onto Desert Island Discs, which can only be a matter of time now, I wouldn’t be surprised if I make quite a fool of myself…



1. lukeski - October 18, 2005

I quite enjoy the Pogues version of Waltzing Matilda, and Tom Waits. Bizarrely, I was going to have a ‘Desert Island Discs’ section on my radio show. A different guest each week, choosing 3 tracks and explaining why they adore them. It is a logistical nightmare though, as I have to either record it at home, or get the guest to record it and send it to me. You can appear, if you feel up to it.

2. Broke in Berlin - October 19, 2005

I would need serious technology classes beforehand, but would, ça va sans dire, be thrilled to hold forth on any subject given half the chance…

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