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Baccara or Bach? October 15, 2005

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The Russian and I were having a depressingly average Saturday evening in. Drink had been taken, as I believe our friends across the Irish Sea say, and we were looking for ways to needle each other as goes with the territory after almost six years of conjugal bliss. Queenily, we were listening to a compilation of songs recorded by a friend of mine in London. I was bleating along happily to “Yes Sir, I Can Boogie” by Baccara when the Russian, clearly disapproving my attempts at homebound stardom, said, “Ha! See! Thirty years ago they sang their song and people are still singing along to it today. Think you could come up with something so long-lasting?” I thought Baccara was hardly something to aspire to on the creativity front but did decide to point out that people have been listening to Bach for almost 300 years, so almost 30 is not such an achievement. The Russian claims only a select few listen to Bach and that more listen to Baccara. “Bollocks,” I scoffed, half-cut-ly (as our friends across the Irish Sea…). But he isn’t right, is he? Who’s the more listened to? Is it Bach? Or is it Baccara? I shall emigrate to some cultural wasteland – a couple of kilometres up the road should do – and detach myself from civilisation if the Spanish chicks win out over J.S.. Let me know…



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