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Glitch October 13, 2005

Posted by BiB in Uncategorized.

I hope it’s a temporary glitch, but my site now only appears to show itself in all its glory if you put the www in the address. Without, you get some truncated nonsense. All very distressing, I’m sure you’ll agree…



1. lukeski - October 13, 2005

There seems to be something going on with Blogger – I had multiple ‘You are not authorised to access’ on both Brok e in Berlin and Diary today – their servers seem to be going up the spout.

2. Broke in Berlin - October 13, 2005

I’m still livid that I lost a comment I was writing to you earlier. For a moment, I thought I’d lost the whole blog, which might not be a bad thing, on second thoughts… So, Greeks out, Paddies out, Russkies out, Jocks out, Israel out (I’m sad about the last one), but England through. I only half-care, I must say, but if there are any England matches in Berlin next year, it might be half a hoot to go and see them (although tickets will probably cost 300 euros and were probably sold out in 1973). EINY is greatly enjoying your CD, I’m reliably informed. I am gutted that I haven’t been able to encourage a random reader to go and claim the final copy from you. People today, eh? No gratitude…

3. pdberger - October 14, 2005

Is there still a random copy going?

4. Broke in Berlin - October 14, 2005

There is, there is. Please claim it…

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