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Belarusian Association of Journalists October 11, 2005

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The BAJ is keeping me up-to-date on Narodnaja Volia’s fight to stay alive. Drop in on them in the language of your choice. Well, Народная Воля seems to be putting up a real fight to battle on. They’ve had to start printing their paper in Russia as no Belarusian printing house would work with them any more. I think this is what we have to call committed journalism, and good for them. There’s extremely grim reading here, only in Belarusian, on a vox pop asking Belarusians who might be an alternative to Lukashenka. The majority see no alternative. They know no-one else. Can’t name the new united opposition candidate. Or, most depressingly of all, say all is OK as it is, and at least there’s peace. Лишь бы войны не было. You can have democracy and peace, of course. Just as you can have order and bread… Anyway, this type of reading makes me think I’m in cloud cuckoo land as far as Belarus is concerned. I don’t live there, obv, and have no real comprehension of just how little info people have about anyone non-Lukashenka. Are the people/groups/activists we read about here even heard of in Belarus? Or are they just our western luxury? It would be so interesting to get the views of some REAL Belarusians on this. Is there any realistic chance of a Belarus without Lukashenka in the near future?



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