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Tag der Entscheidung October 10, 2005

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Yes, so we’ve finally (almost) got our Chancellor(ette) and it’s about as much of a surprise as Brazil winning the World Cup that it’s Angie. As I type, she’s glowering away on the TV behind me, but, in her defence, this is the 83rd time I’ve seen her on TV today and she must be bored of answering the same old questions. The foreign press keep asking her if she’s happy, rather than the boring old practical questions about VAT and the dreary like that the locals are asking and she has allowed her face to break into a (n actually rather lovely) smile. Of course she can’t dare say she’s over the moon, in seventh heaven, chuffed to bollocks, but she will at least admit ‘the mood is good’ but that there’s much work ahead. True, of course.

Gerhard’s conspicuously absent today. Not that the SPD need feel majorly humbled. They’ve negotiated like the best of the German trade unions, by the looks of things, and have actually secured themselves more ministries to run than Angie’s own CDU. In any case, this still all has to be quatsched over a good bit more, in true German style, and then everyone and his dog has to vote for it but, soon enough, Angie will be confirmed as Kanzlerin.

I have to say I’m rather happy. I don’t know if this is to do with settled middle age, or with the nights drawing in and sitting gemütlichly at home with the heating on or just having turned into a miserable old wanker, but Angie seems all right. Capable and intelligent. Yes, not drop-your-Calvins gorgeous, but why the hell should she be? And the last few weeks of exploratory talks, as they call them here, must have been fairly hellish. There must have been times when she thought she’d blown it and, admittedly, her reign has got off to a less than resounding start, but I for one am glad Germany’s got a new set-up and I’ve been vaguely enthusiastic about the grand coalition since election day. Let’s see if the big parties can get things done together… We’re not left with much of an opposition, of course, and Guido must be gutted, but such is politics, and one can’t feel THAT sorry for anyone who goes into it with their eyes open.

And Germany’s first female Chancellor to boot. Good evening from new Germany!


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