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Swearing and football October 10, 2005

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I’ve noticed there’s rather a lot of swearing in this blog, which I hope isn’t minded awfully, and that I won’t get ‘flagged’ (or sent off) for.

Now forgive me playing the het and trying to be one of the boys, but I have to mention two sporting events which thrilled me this weekend.

The first is Kimi. I actually couldn’t watch the race because I was busy with nonsense, but apparently the flying Finn drove like a total dream and put a bit of vavoom back in the sport. He’s rather stolen the real champion’s thunder this season, methinks, and I hope he’ll thrill us endlessly next season, if he hasn’t drunk himself permanently over the limit by then…

The second is the African qualifiers for the World Cup. Is everyone/anyone else as thrilled as I am at four countries gaining qualification for the first time? As I zapped idly on Saturday evening, Eurosport was showing (at the same time as a German channel was showing the incredibly dull England-Österreich) Cameroon v Egypt on a bobbly pitch in Yaoundé. Now I like Cameroon and remember Roger Milla wiggling at the flagpost with glee. But I also knew that if they didn’t win and Côte d’Ivoire (or Elfenbeinküste, as the country is called in German) did, then the latter would progress for the first time ever. In the fifth minute of injury time, with the score on aforementioned bobbly pitch at 1-1 and with relentless pressure from the home side – I think I’d make quite a good het – it all seemed to have paid off and Cameroon were awarded a penalty (and they’d probably all somehow heard that C d’I had won or was winning in Sudan). Unbearable tension. Up steps local hero, sends the keeper the wrong way and… whacks the ball off the post and covers himself in opprobrium. Poor bloke. But hurrah for C d’I. And more hurrahs for Angola, Togo and Ghana, all also there for the first time. Obviously I’ll be rooting for ‘our boys’ next year – I hope they’re based in Berlin – but I shall be following the fortunes of the ‘minnows’ too. Go Angola!



1. lukeski - October 12, 2005

The joys of football have also grasped me once again. I am over the moon that Greece have been knocked out (as of ten minutes ago, and by Turkey, no less) – at least means that their entirely joyless style of ootball will not be present in Germany. The footie (as the masses call it) has also reminded me a a notoriuosly drunken night in a dacha somewhere outside Petrozavodsk watching Germany lose to Croatia in the World Cup (I can remember Pavlik, Kirstoulchik, Ralfchik, Candyce, Seymour and Johann being there, but not you – we you in Finland or on the loose in Karelia with Anton the Bastard?). Poor Ralf was utterly otrmented all evening…

2. Broke in Berlin - October 12, 2005

Liukchik, I composed a huge answer to you, which life/blogger/my computer/the internet/god lost, and I can’t be bothered to repeat… Anyway, I think the Russkies and the Paddies are out, which I’m chuffed to bollocks about, but I was hoping Israel would scrape a play-off place. But, alas, no, it’s the Swiss. Tant pis.

3. Broke in Berlin - October 13, 2005

Did the German allow himself to express his torment publicly? My experience of Germans is that they are unallowed to make any display of pro-Germanness. If anything, the loudest ‘celebrations’ I heard at the time of the last World Cup was when Germany lost in the final. (It was the first time in my life I wanted Germany to win a match, contrary to genetic programming.) Berlin was awash with folks chanting, “Scheiss egal, scheiss egal, scheiss egal,” to the tune of that lovely little ditty, “‘ere we go, ‘ere we go, ‘ere we go.” It would appear the German collective psyche needs to suffer for its past for at least another generation…

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