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The people’s will (not) October 8, 2005

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Depressing, but not surprising reading from this excellent source of information on the foggy concept of Eurasia. So the main opposition newspaper in Belarus is gone. Woefully information-starved folk will now go even hungrier, and the robustness of Lukashenka’s rule looks safe for another mandate at least. With no-one to rally behind, unless Milinkevich can perform miracles, the opposition looks as marginalised as ever. (Mind you, I like what I’ve read of Milinkevich so far. It’s hard to think of him belonging to the same species as Lukashenka, never mind wanting to get involved in a political wrestling match with him. I wonder what fate holds in store for him.) I have seen Zianon Pazniak has also declared his intention to run in the presidential elections next year, though I don’t know how effective he can be from exile. When I first got interested in Belarus and all things Belarusian, Mr. Pazniak seemed a pretty major player, but I don’t know if he is now seen as a serious figure in Belarus at all, or is even remembered. And I wonder what his Conservative Christian Party’s manifesto says… (At least it would be in Belarusian.)



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