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Good job, bad job October 7, 2005

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OK, this is a post that specifically asks for answers so that a) I get some comments and b) I remind myself that I’m not that badly off. But as I sit at my computer on a Friday night, translating an insurance policy and thinking, ‘What could be worse?’, I would like to be reminded which jobs in the world really are worse. Whose (working) lot is worse than that of a (technical) translator? Have me whooping for joy as I realise that I am lucky not to be a Silesian coal-miner, if there is such a thing, or make me feel bad that I dare to complain when I could be an Uighur seamstress (again, if there is…). And if anyone can give me some random tips on a lovely job to switch to, then I’d be quadruply happy.

OK, back to the grind…



1. pdberger - October 9, 2005

Erm…maybe…sorry…nope…I can’t do it…sorry Dezik. I kinda like my life right now.

I would heartily recommend freelance writing. It does not pay very well (yet) but at least they are my own words.

So when are you coming to visit?

2. Broke in Berlin - October 9, 2005

Actually, I’m vaguely drawing near to the end of this mega-translatathon and that makes me remember the work ain’t that bad after all, and at least I’m my own boss and I don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn and I usually get enough sleep etc. etc.

Is that your friend Adam with the bulging muscles sporting his own T-shirt? I might have to send him fan mail if so…

Oh, visits, visits. Well, NYC is right up there at the top of the desired-destinations list, but family events have intervened to delay any exotic trips yet further. Well, the family are causing one exotic trip but preventing others. Wedding in NZ early next year, so that’s my travelling done for the next god knows how long, which is a tragedy – although I’m happy to go to big bruv’s wedding, of course – because I’d love to come and see you and the missus and NYC and a good friend there whom I’ve always thought you should meet who has just adopted or was just about to adopt – I suppose she’s gone through with it – a child from Russia and the Russian would like to see the old enemy too and then Leila and I had such fantastic reminiscy gossip this last week and it made me think those were pretty good days back at UCL-to-be.

Glad you’re liking life. I think I am too, sort of. Had a(nother) shaky (professional/private life – everything, in other words!) patch not long ago, but feel settled and middle-aged and grown-up and all right these days, which is a lovely feeling. I did pretend to be young last week and went to a nightclub. When we arrived, there was no-one there apart from a naked man with a handbag. It did eventually fill up but I fell asleep nicely. Fetch me my slippers.

OK, hope you don’t mind the public access e-mail. Love galore from old Europe to the new world…

3. Broke in Berlin - October 9, 2005

Pavlik, just had to add my former mother-in-law’s wise words on writing! Beware the bottle…

“Yes, of course, I do think you should be a
writer. Failing that, of course, a shrink. I have
said both. You can be both. But take it seriously
that various voices who know you well (can a
voice…?) all think you should write. Please take
that to heart. You can start small, a short story.
The problem is you seem to always have to be boringly
working. But writing as a capacity never leaves a
person. It can’t. It gets better, even without either
practice or nurture. Unless people hit the bottle.
That’s the only catch. And, of course, writers often
do, presumably because they can’t stick writing.”

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