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A single CD up for grabs October 6, 2005

Posted by BiB in Uncategorized.

There is a single CD up for grabs here. I think it needs to be claimed and given a good (or bad will do) home. I have received said CD in the post, and it is a wonderful rejuvenating elixir and has knocked years off my middle-aged frame and blown the cobwebs out of my fogeyish earlobes. Make its compiler’s day…



1. lukeski - October 6, 2005

Dezik, you should really get a job in PR or advertising. Your ceaseless championing of mine and my colleagues deranged posts is nothing less than magnificent. I am pleased you enjoy the CD – I hope the Danny Boy track was not too sacreligious (excuse the spelling). Christy Moore’s political diddly diddly is doing it for me at the moment.

2. Broke in Berlin - October 6, 2005

Liukchik, I’m gonna get that CD a home whether it wants one or not and you can call me Mary Whitehouse (or anything else) if it isn’t so. Actually, I do enjoy plugging. Did I remember to plug http://www.sputniktheatre.co.uk/ to you? (I plugged it to everyone else on earth.) You might recognise the gal in the picture (who’s just been in Berlin, and much fun was had). Anyway, plugging is nicer than work, which is what I should be doing, but it’s tricky to get excited about German technicalese…

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