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Titten. Tiere. Hitler. September 28, 2005

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Now don’t get me wrong. I enjoy my blodogging/doblogging. Really I do. But if you’re in a perturbed mood – I’m still ignoring a deadline – you might occasionally realise you need to sex up your blog if you’d like a drop more feedback or to attract new readers. So what should be the method? My dearest friend in the world, who works in magazines, said the standard way of getting readership up – pardon the pun – was to slap in a few more scantily-clad babes. Actually, his answer was more succinct. When asked, “What gets the readership figures up?”, he answered, “Tits.” It’s hardly an unknown formula, and there’s a little German adage quoted above which spells out three things that will always get the readers gagging for more. For those of you unfamiliar with the language of Goethe and Schiller, it translates as, “Tits. Animals. Hitler.” In Germany, at least, it is the latter which has them coming back for more even more than the former. Well, don’t hold your breath for too many buxom beauties (or rabble-rousing photos of Prince Harry) on these pages. I’ll carry on plugging away. It’s fun to do. But all write and let me know you love me once in a while, for god’s sake!



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